Taking a cue from Johnny Got His Gun and soap operas the world over, tonight House tackled the medical cliche of a man (in this case, Mos Def) trapped in his own body, only able to communicate by blinking.

POTW: I think the big clue that his first Dr. was an idiot was that he didn't try the old "Blink if you can hear me" trick. And you would think that's about as bad as life could get. But then Foreman and Chase open up his head and he loses the ability to blink. Most of the episode is shot through the POTW's PoV, which made it hard to follow several of the medical aspects, as well as made it difficult to connect to the show's weekly cast. However, the moments where Mos Def's voice inflection alone conveyed the anguish of the POTW were quite powerful.

House: He is in the hospital because he wrecked his bike. In New York State. The POTW ends up being his roommate, until House cannot abide Dr. Idiot and gets the POTW moved to his care at his hospital. While he does that, Wilson begins to obsess about what House was doing in another state. As per usual, House gets the better of his foil for the most part, including getting him to reveal that he is dating one of the caretakers are the facility his brother is in. But in the end, Wilson figures out that House was seeing a psychiatrist – which promptly leads House to delete the number from his phone. If, in fact, he was seeing a psychiatrist.

The Team: Are mostly seen through the perception of the POTW. Taub is terrified of working for House, but determined to overcome his fear and keep his job. Even if it means lying. Kutner is thinking out of the box, but content to let Taub steal his accolades if it means House will stop harassing him and let him stay. Foreman is reliving his teenage angst about buying girls jewelry. And it's obvious even to a guy who can't move a muscle that Cuddy is totally into House.

The Funny:

Dr. Idiot accusing House of giving the POTW false hope. Yeah, that is House's M.O.!

POTW: (in thoughts, while watching House and Cuddy) Is he hitting on her? If she turns around, she's into it……..and there it is.

Kutner: It would show House you care.
Taub: I'm not sure I do.
POTW: (in thoughts) And you're my doctor? Maybe you should have your midlife crisis after I'm better.

POTW: (in thoughts, listening to Foreman recount his first girlfriend) Would you tell this story to someone who could walk away?

Thoughts & Questions: I usually love the episodes that get all metaphysical, but this one seemed to be attempting to put all the standard elements into one show. There were the beach scenes between House and the POTW, where doubt in a god was raised, but the scenes were brief and never seemed to amount to much – especially since that House was never more than the POTW's interpretation of reality. Then there was the fact that the POTW lied to his wife and House immediately went to infidelity, leading Taub to feel a kinship – but again, that really didn't seem to go anywhere either. But for all the problems, I still enjoyed the performance, the lighter writing style and the final moment – where we see Wilson from House's PoV with the same unsteady haziness that the POTW had – was a kicker, illustrating how House is just as trapped within himself as his patient was.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Is Wilson really reverting back to form (and safety) by dating the kind of women he usually went for – who were nothing like Amber? Is Taub really connecting to the work, or is just afraid of one more part of his life falling apart? Is Foreman really so insecure that he would base his entire faith in a relationship off whether or not his girlfriend wears a bracelet he gave her? Was House really seeking therapy? And what in the world is going on next week that the only dialog the sneak peak got was "Oh god"?

Posted by:Jessica Paff