house wilson body and soul 'House': We have to talk about WilsonA lot of speculation leading up to the series finale of “House” has centered on the idea that House himself will come down with some kind of mystery illness, or that the pill addiction he’s nursed through eight seasons would finally wreak havoc on him.

After Monday’s (April 23) episode, though, it looks like House’s fate might almost be crueler than dying: He could very well end up entirely alone, after the bomb Wilson dropped at the end of “Body and Soul.”

(Stop here if you haven’t watched yet. Spoilers dead ahead.)

Wilson’s revelation that he has cancer — stage 2 thymoma — was the knockout blow for House (and the audience) after an episode where he already had taken quite a few punches. The patient of the week’s mother chose to believe that a religious ritual, not medicine, cured her son. House’s team is ever more willing to ignore his orders, and at least to some extent his mind games, though Chase and Park fall victim to him once more. House’s scheme to make Dominika stay with him fizzles when she takes a call from immigration.

And now, Wilson, the only true friend House has had for the past eight years, has cancer. House is for once rendered speechless at the news.

In House’s world, few things could hit closer to home. He’s taken his friend for granted an awful lot, but there’s always been a sense that he genuinely needs an anchor like Wilson. And for his part, Wilson seems to know his issues (and there are more than a few for a guy who’s been divorced three times) pale in comparison to House’s, so he gets to be the good guy. It’s often weird and it’s definitely codependent, but theirs is a friendship that was built to last.

Based on their past and his reaction to Wilson’s news — the saddened, scared look on House’s face was masterfully played by Hugh Laurie — it’s fair to think that House really never thought Wilson would leave. Now that it’s a real possibility, though, House could really be put adrift without his more sane and grounded friend. (We’re also kind of nervous knowing the series finale is called “Everybody Dies.”)

“House” fans have kind of been waiting for some kind of hammer to drop since the end of the series was announced, and this is a pretty big one. What did you think of the revelation last night, and where do you think the final episodes will take House and Wilson?

Posted by:Rick Porter