jesse spencer house 320 'House': You Ask, I Answer on Chase's love life, Jesse Spencer hitting TwitterYour questions, my answers…

“House”! Please!!!!!! When is it coming back? Is it canceled? -Jamie
Feels that way, no? Thankfully, the Princeton Plainsboro crew finally returns this Monday (Mar. 8) after a month-long hiatus.
Any Chase (Jesse Spencer) scoop for me? -Melanie
Indeed. Dude is going speed dating! And sources tell me House and Wilson may be as well. I hear Chase participates reluctantly, however there are several attractive women guest starring in this speed dating ep, who will show up next week as well… so perhaps it’s not a complete disaster of an idea.
When is Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) returning? -Perr
Cameron’s special episode should air in April from what I understand. Expect a very emotional ride for both her and Chase when the two are forced to finally confront the demise of their relationship. 
If I don’t get something new on the love of my life, Dr. Robert Chase, I might lose it. -Kerry
Okay, okay, calm down. Let’s see… sources tell me there is another Chase-heavy hour of “House” coming up closer toward the end of the season. Word is, the episode is titled “The Choice” and that Chase and House will be doing a little karaoke singing together. Yep.
Did you not get my last email about Chase on “House”? I’m dying here. -Kerry
Kerr, it’s your lucky day. Not only am I addressing both of your crazy messages, but you may get the chance to talk to Jesse Spencer himself. Did you know he’s taking to Twitter to talk with fans after this week’s episode airs on the East Coast? 
At 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Monday evening, Spencer will be at his computer and waiting to connect with you. So, start following him today and address your queries to @jesse_spencer when the time comes.
I will say that J.S. is easily one of the nicest, most down-to-earth actors in this town. So definitely log on for a little direct contact with the guy, he’s good stuff.
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