hughlaurie.jpgThe “House” season premiere coming up next week? So un-House like.

With all the series regulars besides Hugh Laurie — and Robert Sean Leonard, who appears as Wilson in one very short scene — absent from the two-hour episode which spans the several months that House spends in a mental facility, you’re either going to love what the writer-producers have done or you’re going to hate it.

And Cuddy fans who want to see Princeton-Plainsboro’s fearless leader together with the cranky doctor should beware.

As has been rumored, House is indeed hooking up with the character played by guest star Franka Potente… and its pretty serious.

Like so serious that our guy might shed a few tears because of it.

Uh, yeah.

Not to worry, however. According to executive producer David Shore, House — though he’ll certainly attempt to change — will end up being the same man he’s always been in the end.

I spoke with Shore, as well as Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein and Peter Jacobsen, recently and they all weighed in on the situation.

Shore is also spilling on Foreteen’s current relationship, plus Cameron and Chase and how the two will figure back into the mainstream action this season…


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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh