jennifer-morrison-house-320.jpgWe haven’t seen the last of Cameron.

That’s what I gathered from the conversation I had with “House” executive producer Katie Jacobs this week. As you’ll see in the clip below, Jacobs acknowledged that Chase and Cameron are still legally married and that there’s definitely story to resolve there.

Regarding Jennifer Morrison‘s departure from the show, Jacobs said, “We were not actually writing the character out. To us, it was the fallout in her relationship with Chase, which felt right to us.”

And, apparently, it also feels right to have Morrison return this season. Jacobs talked about Morrison’s current commitment to doing a play in New York and said that she and show creator David Shore told Jennifer that if she found another project she’s passionate about, they didn’t want to stand in her way, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be appearing on “House” again soon. 

“Cameron is very much, in terms of the thinking, part of the world,” Jacobs explained. “She’s separate right now from Princeton Plainsboro and from Chase and House, but to me, she’s part of the big world… I hate to disappoint fans and I love Cameron too and I don’t feel like I’m finished with that character. I would certainly love to see her back this season.”

Something else Jacobs seems to love? Huddy.

The executive producer directly addressed House-Cuddy fans in the clip below, talking quite a bit about the upcoming Cuddy-centric episode titled “5 to 9” and admitting that House and Cuddy have a spark like no other.

Though Cuddy’s current flame Lucas is working for them and will be sticking around for some time, Jacobs seems to empathize with House-Cuddy fans and says she feels the same way about the pair as they do.

See for yourself…

So… You like what you’re hearing?

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