Kathryn Joosten, best known for her feisty old lady roles on "Northern Exposure," "West Wing" and "Desperate Housewives," has had a recurrence of the lung cancer that she beat back in 2001. 

But Kathryn is as tough as her characters and regularly speaks to groups about lung cancer in an effort to reduce the stigma of being diagnosed with the disease.

The first thing everyone says is: 'Did you smoke?' Yeah, I smoked," Joosten tells People.

"I smoked because Betty Davis said it was very glamorous. I smoked because it was seen everywhere and done everywhere. I got addicted because the tobacco companies add additives to their tobacco to make it more addictive. I'm damned mad at all of them."

We know you can beat this disease, Kathryn. And those tobacco companies had better look out!

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Photo: Getty Images

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead