keri hilson gi How celebs spend Valentine's Day: Keri Hilson, Guy Fieri and moreWhether single or taken, everyone has their idea of what the perfect Valentine’s day should be. While some romantics prefer a lavish, over the top affair, others are drawn to an intimate, low-key evening. Zap2it caught up with a few celebs over the past month to find out what they deem a perfect V. day.

One common thread we found? Food!

“Pretty Girl Rock” singer Keri Hilson tells us her ideal Feb. 14th includes, “A lot of heartfelt conversation, honest conversation. A bottle of wine, a private chef… something very intimate.”

She also tells us contrary the color theme of the day, she won’t be enjoying any Merlot. “I’m a white wine girl,” she says. “Riesling preferably, or a sweet Chardonnay.”

Of course it stands to reason that chef Marcel Vigneron of “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” would have some pretty fabulous meal ideas for that special day.

“I think that engagement and romance is such an appropriate tie in for food, because if you think about it food and cooking for someone can be a very intimate thing so it’s easy to tie the two in together,” he explains. “When I think of Valentine’s Day I usually think of luxury, just because I’m not gonna lie, I kind of like to style the ladies out especially on Valentine’s Day.”

So what type of meal would style those ladies out?

“I think start off with oysters, champagne, caviar,” he begins. “Move into lobster, maybe some surf and turf… I usually think of crystal, oysters, pearls. Things of that nature.”

As for fellow foodie Guy Fieri, he leaves the menu choice up to his wife.

“We do all kinds of weird foods at all different times of the year,” Fieri comments. “So usually I’ll ask my wife, I’ll say ‘What do you want’ and she’ll say prime rib.”

Red meat. Certainly a woman after our own hearts.

“There are two of us so I make a huge prime rib and my friends will drive by and say ‘When’s that rib gonna be done? I’m telling my wife I’m cooking,'” he admits. “Usually there’s a prime rib, usually there’s some lobster, usually there’s some of the indulgence foods. But usually she sets up the menu.”

“Perfect Couples” Nicolette Robinson may play a career woman on TV, but she’s a true romantic at heart.

“I’m into romantic things, so it’s not bad if he likes to if he likes to go hardcore with all the romance,” she spills. “I’m up for it.”  

With his new single “Cupid” being released on V. day, R&B singer Lloyd has a pretty specific plan of action for his Valentine.

“I would think that that’s a great excuse to go a little longer in the bed,” he tells us. “Make it last a little bit… You know how us guys are, we’re lazy and then the next thing you know ‘Oh man, I’m done!’ Just give her a little extra affection.”

Spoken like a true romantic.

He does add that for him, the most romantic thing to do is be honest.

“The coolest thing you could do for someone is be honest, completely honest,” Lloyd explains. “I just think love is a cool thing, but the coolest relationships are ones that are kind of honest, and I think with Valentine’s day people feel such a need to just buy things or to get normal things like roses, candy whatever. I think that anytime you can be creative, I think that’s the best thing.”

So whether you’re doing a big celebration or ordering take out at home, make sure to do a little something special and unique — you’ll be good to go. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci