There’s a video making the rounds this summer that is pretty cool to watch. It features NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrating how she washes her hair in space. For space travelers with short hair, we would imagine this is simpler, but with longer hair it’s kind of tricky, what with the weightlessness and all.

As her hair stands nearly straight up behind her, Nyberg shows off how she uses some warm water (some of which “escapes” in little blobs, which is fascinating and hilarious to see) to wet down her hair, then she combs through no-rinse shampoo, uses her towel to help work out the dirt and grime, uses a little more water and then towels off.

She also informs us that as her hair dries and the water evaporates, it will eventually make its way through their air system into the ship’s water filtration system and will be turned into drinking water. Once Karen’s hair is dry, she’ll put it back into a ponytail, so it’s not just flying around above her head all day.


Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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