comedy central tosh dobson 320 How far will 'Tosh.0' go in Season 3? EP says they're wearing Comedy Central down

It’s not necessarily the idea of finding the best and funniest videos on the web and making fun of them that’s so novel about Comedy’s Central’s “Tosh.0.” After seeing him at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour, it’s clear that it’s host, Daniel Tosh, that is the big draw here.
He’s a tall, lanky guy who would be considered handsome if he weren’t such a spaz, but that’s what’s so appealing about him. He’s cagey and makes hilarious faces and you don’t know what he’ll say next. It’s a formula that works for the stand-up comedian, drawing three million viewers each week in “Tosh.0’s” second season. Fans can expect that Tosh will try to top himself when the show returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, Jan. 11. 
“We’re certainly not holding back,” Tosh says. “We kind of say what we want to say. We wanted to push it. We realize that the format had been tried a couple dozen times and failed before. And I think that was just our idea: push it as far as you can and see what happens.”
In the new season, the show continues its trademark “web redemption” segment in which people who may have been in embarrassing web videos come on to make things right in a skit with Tosh. Internet star, Antoine Dodson, who became famous after his hilarious news interview about saving his sister from a rapist hit the Internet, appears in the premiere episode.
“I think a big part of [the show’s appeal] is we have a different kind of relationship with the people who appear in these videos and bring them into the show,” says executive producer Charlie Siskel. “And we kind of make them the stars of their own short films, with Daniel as their costars.”
The territory in which the show won’t go is pretty small. The hard part is getting Comedy Central and “Standards and Practices” to allow them to do it. “They don’t like making fun of children,” Tosh says. “Handicaps are tough to get around. Women getting hit is a tough subject. You know, your standard. But the other things fly by.”
Then Siskel adds, “We have a promotion for the show, a promo that’s been running in pretty heavy rotation that’s about abortion. So we’ve been wearing them down. I think we’re winning at this point.”

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