Jasonsegel_howimetyourmother_s3_240 As we get older, we change, we may not always do the things with our loved ones that we once did, not just the crazy stuff, all the stuff. You know, everything from not burping at the dinner table to giving a welcome home kiss at the end of a long workday. It seems as though Marshall and Lily have been going through such a change over on How I Met Your Mother. Not with the burping, but with other things.

Eventually the story got all wonky, but it didn’t start that way, it started with Ted and Barney hitting on college chicks, a perfectly normal set of events. Ted kept messing the whole thing up, pretending like he was interested in the band the girls were in, trying to exchange phone numbers, that sort of thing. Barney quickly set Ted on the right track, explaining (quite wisely) that if they just set up a date at a specific time and place and didn’t get the girls’ numbers, it gave the girls no opportunity to cancel.

Now, at that point I was figuring that it probably wouldn’t make any sort of difference to Barney if some girls cancelled a date, he could always find someone else. Well, I was terribly mistaken. These particular girls were from Arizona Tech, which Barney needed in order to get BINGO using the top 25 party schools from Playboy‘s list. So, clearly it was crucial that the date happen, as I think you will agree.

Unfortunately, a three day storm hit, leaving Ted and Barney all alone at the bar and Carl (your friendly neighborhood bar owner) wanting to close up. Our heroes sweet-talked him into letting them stay awhile longer, thereby letting them live out their dream of owning a bar. Ted and Barney, keys in hand, promptly went all Cocktail to the rockin’ sounds of "Kokomo." And, amazingly, wonderfully, the college girls showed, they actually showed! However, they showed with the rest of the band… the marching band. There may have been a lot of them, but the way I see it, that just increased Barney’s chances of getting his BINGO (you think he gets more points if he gets multiples from a single school?).

Now, the show led us to believe that this was happening at the same time that things were getting hot in the old apartment. No, not just because Scherbatsky was there in shorts and a tank top — the radiator was stuck. Marshall had come over to fix it, and I don’t whether he did or not, only that the fools headed out into the cold to go pick up Lily at the airport.

You see, Marshall and Lily had this ritual where any time one of them went away they would return with a six pack of a microbrew and the other would meet them at the airport with a cutesy sign (like "Lilypad"). Marshall and Lily, it seems, had been letting all their couple-y nonsense fall by the wayside, stuff like telling each other everything they had to eat as soon as they saw one another at the end of the day, kissing on New Year’s eve, and making hot monkey love right after the talking about the food thing.

Anyway, Marshall and Lily weren’t going to meet up at the airport (Lily had been in Seattle), but Robin convinced Marshall to do it, and a woman on the plane convinced Lily that she ought to have brought a six pack. Well, Lily’s flight arrived an hour early, and at the airport she randomly hooked up with the swell Ranjit (remember him? I know you do) and headed off to a place in Brooklyn that had Seattle beer. Robin and Marshall were even slightly delayed because they had a fight in Robin’s car (about her being robot-like with relationship issues) and she pulled over allowing the snow plow to block them in.

Lily ended up making it back to the airport, but didn’t see Marshall there, and Marshall made it to the airport, but didn’t see Lily there. I figured it was the old JFK-LaGuardia thing, but it wasn’t. No, instead it was the old day-switcheroo-producers-messing-with-time-and-not-telling-us thing. See, Marshall was there on Tuesday but the snow storm was, as mentioned earlier, a three day storm, and Lily’s flight was delayed till Thursday, so that’s when she was there.

Not to worry, Marshall did show on Thursday too, along with the Arizona Tech Marching Band, proving that Barney can get a BINGO and not destroy all chance that the girl’s friends won’t talk to his friends the next day (the bar stuff was on Wednesday). See, I always figured that anyone that Barney slept with would swear off Barney and all his friends for all time (and make her friends do the same). Guess not.

Odds and ends:

Oddly, and for the first time that I recall, the quote of the night doesn’t go to one of our main characters, instead it goes to one of the original two Arizona Tech girls. One walked into the bar as it was being manned by Ted and Barney and said — "I don’t know if you guys have ever seen Star Wars, but it’s like Hoth out there." Ted called dibs on her, naturally.

Okay, here’s what I don’t get, at the liquor store, the owner suggested to Lily that he wouldn’t call the storm they were in the midst of the "storm of the year" because it was only January, it was still early in the year. That worked just fine when we thought it was Tuesday and had been snowing for less than 24 hours, but it was Thursday, meaning that it had been snowing for closer to 72 hours. In New York, that would definitely qualify as the storm of the year, possibly the decade.

And finally, my question to you — the old time switcheroo, did we like it? I’m not sure how I felt quite honestly.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser