himym barney robin 710 'How I Met Your Mother': About the Barney and Robin situation...After Barney and Robin broke up on “How I Met Your Mother” during Season 5, we knew they would eventually get back together. Right?! They’re too perfect for one another to lose that spark completely.

Which is why when we saw them kiss in the cab during “Disaster Averted,” we screamed in joy at our TVs like 14-year-old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. (Hypothetically, of course.) Alas, their Season 7 reunion was short-lived. Although Robin started the season with feelings for her ex, she realized that Barney had matured, that he was really into Nora, and that she should back off and let him be happy. A very mature thing to do.
But when Barney and Robin hooked up, Barney’s feelings for Robin resurfaced, and our newer, more mature Barney who truly cared for Nora realized that he couldn’t hide what he did. Robin, on the other hand, after spending so much time trying to get over her feelings for Barney, realized that she truly cared for Kevin. Barney and Robin both vowed to confess to their tryst, but in the end, only Barney did.
So here’s why that was a good thing: Barney has truly matured so much over the years that if he had been the one to hide his infidelity, it would’ve been heartbreaking and a huge step backwards. Plus, confessing to Nora proved that he truly did care about her — before, he wouldn’t have cared enough to tell her that he had cheated. There’s also the added bonus of giving Neil Patrick Harris an opportunity to show his range as an actor (and make us sniffle a little), which is always welcome.
Robin clearly isn’t in the right place to commit to a relationship with Barney, and her relationship with Kevin is going so well that she’s probably terrified to screw it up. It is very human to be afraid of messing with a good, stable thing — especially for something that didn’t work in the past. Barney and Robin both need to be in the right headspace for their relationship to work, and they’re not there yet. It happens. We can only hope that they’ll get there in the future.
Are you upset that Robin decided not to break up with Kevin so she and Barney could be together? What did you think of the events that transpired during “Tick Tick Tick”?
Posted by:Jean Bentley