alanthicke himym 290 'How I Met Your Mother': Alan Thicke tries to end Barney and RobinOut of all the awesome things — all the legendary items — Barney might own, I think that his porn collection just may be up on top of the pile. The notion of Barney giving away his porn on “How I Met Your Mother” was definitely indicative of a larger problem, and I don’t just mean a fat suit.

Let’s be clear, Barney putting on a fat suit was absolutely an issue. It’s hard to make fat suits funny, but for Barney to give up the porn is like Barney giving up a piece of himself. I’m not advocating porn; I’m just saying porn is a part of Barney and that if anyone wants to be with Barney the porn is something they have to get used to.

As for the fat suit, he’s not going to be in it permanently, so I’ll give the producers an episode of it. There were some funny jokes inside the suit, but I like regular Barney, non-relationship-gut-Barney, better.

What I’m not sure about is if I like non-relationship-Barney better than relationship-with-Robin-Barney. If my choices are fat-suit-in-a-relationship-with-Robin-Barney and no-fat-suit-not-in-a-relationship-Barney, I think I’d choose the latter. We all know that in reality I’d just choose Robin instead. And, Robin is now free for me to be choosing her.

Lily the relationship Terminator (or Kraken, if you prefer), did her absolute best to break up Barney and Robin this week, but it was to no avail as the two had already decided to terminate the relationship themselves. But, how great was Lily’s plan? She got Alan Thicke to show for the breakup scenario! Alan Thicke (I know he’s been on before, but I love him… maybe I have a thing for Canadians?)! What do you think it says that Alan Thicke is easier to get than a stormtrooper? Was that just Lily not caring enough about the stormtrooper or Alan Thicke actually being in less demand?

Let’s take a giant step backwards, though. The whole thing started off with the handing off of the porn and Ted popping “Archisexture” into his VHS player. (Seriously guys, VHS?) The tape contained a hidden message recorded by Barney back in August of 2005 begging Ted to end any relationship that Barney may be in. After seeing that, the relationship gut and Robin suddenly aging several years, Ted was pretty convinced that he had to break them up. Marshall bought in relatively quickly, but I was shocked Lily went in with them too.

Lily joined up because Marshall and Ted progressed the relationship rather than ending it, but I was even more surprised she resorted to underhanded tactics (even though she has used them on Ted in the past) this time out. Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier to talk to them and then lock them in a room until they agreed to end it, just like she did when they started going out?

Whatever the case, the two are now broken up and I think there are really only three big questions we are left with at the end of this episode: Are they broken up for good (I’m saying yes)? Does Ted give back the porn? (I think he’ll give back all but the ones that went “missing.”) And how long are we going to have to wait to see the failed Canadian TV variety show? (It should be soon-ish, right?)

Odds and ends:

  • “That is not how you spell ‘Buckminster Fuller.'” Indeed.
  • Lily is totally the lead dog in that relationship, she may be the lead dog for the group.
  • Even with no makeup or ugly makeup or whatever Scherbatsky was wearing tonight, I’m still smitten.
  • Failed Canadian TV variety show. I can’t wait!

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Posted by:Josh Lasser