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If there’s one thing that “How I Met Your Mother” is great at – there isn’t, there are many things, but for the sake of argument I’m going with one – it would be messing with time. Tonight was a classic example, Ted had a blind date with the same woman he’d had one with seven years prior, and we got to see them both.

At least the two of them eventually realized that they’d been on the date before. Their idea from there was genius – they retraced their steps to figure out exactly where they’d screwed up the first time around. It was like “Groundhog Day,” but without that Bill Murray fellow. I’m happy they weren’t able to fix the relationship however, for Ted to have to stop telling that shellfish joke would be a crime.

I’ve always loved Marshall, I hope you know that, but I think the guy definitely has some issues. There he was at a strip club with Barney, and all he could think about was Lily and how upset she’d be. There are some issues there we need to discuss.

First, shouldn’t Marshall realize that he automatically gets a free pass going out with Barney? Essentially, Barney is a Get Out of Jail Free card. Barney lies, takes you somewhere he didn’t tell you that you were going to, illegal and/or immoral things result, and no one can get upset about it, it’s just not allowed, those are the rules. Marshall should have known that all he had to do after the strip club – besides shower – was to look at Lily, say something about it being all Barney’s fault, tell her to remember about the peanut butter and jam joke, and move on.

That problem ties directly in with my second issue (and please understand, these are all good-natured complaints, the whole thing was hysterical from start to finish) – Marshall has to kill Lily in his sex fantasies before he can think about taking the busty delivery girl inside so that he can “plow her like a cornfield?” I knew the two had a good love life, but I had no idea that it was possibly that good… or bad. Lily was right about it not being cool that she has to die in Marshall’s sexual fantasies (no matter how close they are to a cure). On the plus side, Lily did try to fix Marshall’s issues by going with him and Stripper Lily into the champagne room. Remind me why she got so upset about the peanut butter and jam joke again.

Of course, it turned out that Robin was the one who as angry about the strip club, not Lily. Weird. When did Robin become the possessive type? I wouldn’t mind not going to a strip club for her (unless there was a Stripper Robin there), but what is she going to change next? Is she going to stop drinking scotch? Is she going to insist on celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving? Is she going to go back to the mall? I actually tend to think that her being upset was just the show telling us that she’s taking the relationship seriously – which is good, I’m a ‘shipper – but I worry about them changing her too much.

Odds and ends:

  • The Origins of Chewbacca, who wouldn’t want to see that exhibit?

  • The quote of the night was almost the cornfield thing, but I managed to wedge that in above, so instead, we have Barney, “What I’ve got with Robin proves that you can have a girlfriend and fully functioning male genitalia all at the same time.”

  • All cat costumes are weird and spelling errors in menus are fair game. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

  • I can’t wait to see the other doppelgangers. Can you?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser