jason segel amanda peet 320 'How I Met Your Mother': Amanda Peet plays the Robin Scherbatsky drinking gameI simply don’t know what Marshall was thinking on tonight’s “How I Met Your Mother.” There are some things married men just shouldn’t do, and hiding the sex of a co-worker who takes her shirt off and dances on tables is one of them.

Marshall may only have referred to the new layer at GNB, Jenkins, as “Jenkins,” and Lily certainly believed Jenkins to be a he, but Jenkins wasn’t a he, was Jenkins? No, Jenkins was much more of a she, a she who looked and sounded a whole lot like Amanda Peet. That made Marshall’s stories about Jenkins take on a whole new – and not particularly good for Marshall – light. Also, it made Barney’s wanting to have sex with Jenkins much more understandable.

As Marshall himself noted, he didn’t correct Lily when Lily assumed that Jenkins was a he. As a married man, I can tell you that you don’t do that sort of thing, if you do you are just asking to go down a bad road. First off, the stories Marshall told about Jenkins (except maybe the peeing out the window one) were probably silly if Jenkins was an overweight man, but potentially hot if Jenkins were an attractive woman. The assumption anyone would make about Marshall hiding Jenkins’ sex has to come down to Marshall being a little bit smitten with Jenkins. The show didn’t really travel down that road tonight, and I’m convinced that Marshall would never, ever, cheat on Lily, but hiding Jenkins’ sex had the feeling of wrongness about it.

Plus, let’s not forget the fact that Jenkins shoved her tongue down Marshall’s throat. That had to have been at least partially because Jenkins thought the same thing about Marshall’s hiding the truth that we all did. The assumption didn’t make the tongue shove right, but it did mean that she didn’t just totally imagine things.

I’m relatively convinced that Lily’s exhibition of her distress towards Jenkins at the end of the episode wasn’t the result of Lily being the reacher in the relationship – Lily is definitely the settler there. I think her actions were more likely based on her love of Marshall, which, it seems to me, would exist regardless of settler/reacher status, wouldn’t it? As for Lily’s not believing that Jenkins kissed Marshall, I’m chalking that up to Jenkins looking like Amanda Peet and Marshall looking like Jason Segel. Lastly, why would Jenkins kiss Marshall? The Robin Scherbatsky Drinking Game!

I have always imagined Robin to be a great anchor (I imagine her to be great at just about everything), apparently though she says “but, umm…” a lot during interviews. To play the Robin Scherbatsky Drinking Game, every time she but-umms one has to take a shot.

You have to feel bad for Robin in that sort of a situation, not only because she was horribly oblivious to a somewhat significant issue with the way she performs her job, but also because kids can be cruel. As per usual, she handled herself brilliantly, but umm-ing those kids and Ted into what has to be one of the worst hangovers ever.

Bits and pieces:

  • Our quote of the night goes to Ted with his trying to convince Robin about her but umms, “Well then I guess it’s not a very good drinking game, which would mean that last night when Barney and I played it, I didn’t get super-wasted and throw up all over myself. Oh, wait, I did both of those things. So, face…”

  • Big Fudge? Okay. I may not have gone with that nickname, but the man can play skee-ball.

  • Traffic on the ones, threes, fives, and nines? At some point you just have to feel bad about Scherbatsky’s working on that television show.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser