how i met your mother barney mistake 'How I Met Your Mother': Barney forgets a piece of the gang's historyThe Season 8 premiere of “How I Met Your Mother” contained a rather big revelation at the end, and another scene with potentially big ramifications at the beginning.

But we’re here to talk about a much smaller scene in the middle of the episode.

The one at the end, we’ve discussed already. And the one at the beginning — the implication, based on Ted’s (Josh Radnor) bad body language and “I don’t want to talk about it” demeanor, that Barney and Robin’s wedding day ended badly — is a little bothersome. We obviously don’t know the whole story yet, and maybe Ted is just talking about himself, but if we don’t go “a little ways down the road” again until the “HIMYM” crew is ready to fill in all the details, we’d be OK with that.

So anyway — the scene in the middle. Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) breathless rundown of key moments in the history of “HIMYM” to date was a pretty impressive feat, even if it left Quinn (Becki Newton) still mad at him over the fact that he didn’t tell her about his past relationship with Robin (Cobie Smulders).

But, as Zap2it noted in our preview piece, Barney also gets his facts wrong in one instance. In the scene, he mentions Robin moving to Brazil after her breakup with Ted, when every “HIMYM” fan knows she really went to Argentina.

Series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who wrote “Farhampton,” presumably know that too. “How I Met Your Mother” has often played around with the idea of unreliable narrators, but since Barney’s flub passes unquestioned — Marshall and Lily (Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan) are awfully tired, after all — so we asked what gives.

“You’re definitely right,” Thomas tells us via e-mail. “It was definitely Argentina. Barney just didn’t get every detail accurate in his haste.”

So there you go. Here’s the scene in question:

Posted by:Rick Porter