becki newton himym 'How I Met Your Mother': Becki Newton was great, but let's talk about Robin and [spoiler!]
Well, originally we thought we’d use this space to talk about how much we loved Becki Newton in her “How I Met Your Mother” debut. So, fine, let’s do that: She’s hilarious, gorgeous and we totally believe that she can keep Barney on his toes. Plus, the fact that she’s a smart stripper is kind of perfect for Barney, right?

But we’re sure she’ll be great next week too. Instead, what we really want to talk about is that ending. TED?! REALLY?!

Let’s back up a second.

Inexplicably, Kal Penn’s therapist character and Robin were still together. But despite the fact that we never really bought them being all that attracted to one another (c’mon, we like them both separately as actors, but the characters never made sense together), Kevin asked Robin to marry him. Uhhhh, where did that come from?

Kevin was actually quite sweet when Robin told him that she couldn’t have kids, but we were shocked that she thought it would be a dealbreaker and that she wasn’t actually going to confess her little tryst with Barney. Then she freaked out again and told him that she didn’t want kids at all, and then he was like “oh, okay, that is a dealbreaker, I un-propose” (except that all happened offscreen).

We’d be sad about this, but — actually, wait, we’re not sad. Kevin sucked because he was boring and didn’t have any chemistry with Robin.

When Robin cried about it later to Ted, we thought it was leading to another touching friendship moment, like when he set up that light display to cheer her up after she found out she couldn’t have kids (though he didn’t know why she was sad). Instead — and completely out of the blue — he professed his love for her.


Didn’t we give up on a Ted/Robin romance years ago? We’ve known from the beginning that Robin isn’t the mother. While we love her, potentially setting these characters up again feels like another lame red herring in the quest to find the mother.

We’re just hoping that next week, Robin talks some sense into Ted and makes him realize that he doesn’t miss her, he misses having a relationship like the one they had together. Robin is great because she’s smart and she challenges her significant other, and Ted’s been so discouraged recently that he’s been aiming for the low-hanging fruit when he goes out. Fingers crossed that this is just a misguided attempt to find some direction in his life.

Posted by:Jean Bentley