becki newton gi vertical 'How I Met Your Mother': Becki Newton's character will 'eviscerate' BarneyKarma’s a beast — as one Barney Stinson is about to find out, courtesy of “How I Met Your Mother” guest star Becki Newton.

Co-creator Craig Thomas says Newton’s character, Quinn, who we’ll meet in February, will get under Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) skin pretty much from the moment they meet.

“Ted [Josh Radnor] drags Barney on a double date, and Ted’s date goes nowhere, but Barney can’t stop thinking about this girl who completely hates him,” Thomas says.

It won’t be for lack of trying: Barney will proclaim her “the worst,” Thomas says, but won’t be able to get her out of his mind.

“This girl is eviscerating and has Barney’s number. She sees right through him and tears right through him, and he kind of loves it deep down,” Thomas says. “… She says, I have you all figured out — you’re the guy who wears suits, does catchphrases and ends every night at the strip club. She calls him out.”

Best of all for the women of Manhattan: The author of the Playbook will find himself getting manipulated. Quinn will eventually be revealed as “a bit of a puppetmaster,” Thomas says, adding that it’s been “delightful to write” a situation where Barney is the one being gamed.

“The episode where he realizes he’s kind of falling for her, and we, the audience, know she’s playing him a little bit is called ‘Karma,'” Thomas says. “So it’s karma biting Barney in the a**.”

Posted by:Rick Porter