carrie underwood josh radnor how i met your mother hooked 320 'How I Met Your Mother': Carrie Underwood is as cute as a teacup pigTed started off his latest tale on “How I Met Your Mother” by informing his future children that in it he was “just a jerk.” I’m not quite sure that I buy that. I see where he was coming from with the statement, and think it could be argued that way, but I just don’t know that I agree.

Tiffany, Ted’s would-be girlfriend of the week, as the gang pointed out, had Ted hooked. The poor boy would do anything so as to get to spend a few more minutes with her (can you blame him, she was Carrie Underwood). But, as the show made abundantly clear, we all have treated someone like that in the past. Consequently, while we may not have been in the right when we did it, there’s surely some little bit of understanding that we can all have towards one another about our actions at that time. While I think there are plenty of jerks in this world, I don’t think we’re all jerks – which is what the show would have had us believe.

Now, I had been hoping that Ted was going to act like a jerk towards Tiffany. After all, didn’t she deserve a comeuppance? He was perfectly respectful though to her, which really again argues against his being a jerk.

The potential jerkiness came for Ted with his actions towards poor Henrietta, the girl he had on the hook. Certainly he knew she was on his hook and it is absolutely true that he didn’t treat her well, but I don’t think that made him a jerk. Plus, I don’t really think that it’s possible that Ted could have had her so on the hook that she wanted to introduce her parents to him. That, however, is neither here nor there – the girl was clearly on his hook, did that make him a jerk?

Look at this way – the show put forth the idea that all the hookers were jerks. Was then Marshall a jerk at the end of the episode for giving Scooter the “right now” thing? Marshall was allowing Scooter to stay on the hook rather than allowing him to swim free, but I’d say that Marshall was coming from a place of pity rather than a place of jerkiness. Wasn’t he? Thus, not all the hookers were jerks.

Extrapolate that to Ted – Ted wasn’t right to have Henrietta on the hook, but he wasn’t insanely horrible to her. The worst thing he did was to leave Henrietta to go be with Tiffany at the bar, but that was more because he was being reeled in without a choice from his hook, wasn’t it? Plus, how awkward would it have been when Henrietta’s parents came out to meet him? It might have been better that Ted left (especially if he hadn’t accidentally proposed later).

In the end, looked at this way, can we even call Tiffany a jerk? Not only, as has been pointed out, was Tiffany Carrie Underwood, but she too was on the hook and blind to it. Her actions weren’t always the best, but maybe rather than just calling each other names we can learn a thing or two about where we’re all coming from. In short, can’t we all just get along?

What I really want to know is what happened at that wedding when there was no ring.

Odds and ends:

  • The line of the night was almost Tiffany talking about how she was always hot. It was almost Marshall and Lily’s canned chili thing. It was almost Robin’s girl parts. But seriously, I ask you, how could it not be: “Dude, ditch Tiffany and join the Barnacle in a pharma-girl free for all. Side effects may include: loss of clothing, rug burn, shortness of breath, and sore abdominals the next morning.”

  • Robin as a hooker? I don’t think I like that. It cheapens what she and I have.

  • I had no idea that pharmaceutical sales reps were the hot woman job of the day (even if that day has passed). Pharma-girls, who knew? The last pharma-girl I knew was actually a guy name Burton “Schoonie ‘U-Turn’ Singleton” Guster, but that’s not “HIMYM.”

  • I’m so happy that Marshall met Lily. He was such a sad sack of a teenager, a tall sack, but a sad one.

  • Trampoline’s are too dangerous.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser