how-I-met-your-mother-inside-the-actors-studio.jpgBefore “How I Met Your Mother” airs its series finale, the cast sat down with James Lipton for an “Inside the Actors Studio” episode.

It was poignant and funny, as each cast member chose his or her favorite scene in the history of the show — “Suits” (NPH), the two-minute date (Radnor), the bangity-bang song (Smulders), Marshall’s father’s death (Hannigan) and the cock-a-mouse (Segel), in case you were wondering — but the highlight was the actors showing off their talents by answering questions off-the-cuff in character. The best bon mots:

Lipton: “Your friend Ted has described you as a sociopath, is that true?”
Barney: “What does ‘sociopath’ mean again?”
Lipton: “Ted?”
Ted: “Well, it’s interesting because the derivation, it changed around 1863 — [raucous laughter and applause].”

Lipton: “What is the Playbook?”
Barney: “That was a book in my days, back in my young (awesome!) days where I had different ways to get dirty. That included lots of different doppelganger names — The Scuba Diver, that was a good one.”
Lipton: “Oh, Jesus.”
Barney: “The ‘Oh, Jesus’ was awesome!”

Lipton: “Lily, have you ever admitted to finding Robin sexually attractive?”
Lily: “I will admit it right now. [Robin and Lily kiss].”

Lipton: “Is it accurate, Marshall, to say that you have a belief in the paranormal?”
Marshall: “I have to take umbrage with your question, there’s nothing ‘paranormal,’ it’s just all the natural world.”
Lipton: “Where did you acquire this belief?”
Marshall: “Uh, with my pair-a-normal eyes.”

Lipton: “Would it be correct to say you’re inclined to correct people?”
Ted: “I don’t know if ‘inclined’ is the right word. I feel it’s more — I think we should take great care with what we say and I think that sometimes there’s a better word and I think that sometimes people misuse words.”

The “How I Met Your Mother” series finale, “Last Forever,” airs Monday, March 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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