himym spinoff cbs excited tca 'How I Met Your Mother': CBS 'excited' to see how spinoff comes togetherCBS chief Nina Tassler jokes that she’s “already handing out boxes of Kleenex” in anticipation of the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale in March.

She’s also pretty eager to see how a spinoff from the show works out. The network is working on “How I Met Your Dad,” which will follow a new set of characters and center on a female character’s search for love. “HIMYM” creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are co-creating the series with Emily Spivey (“Up All Night”).

While there won’t be any on-screen overlap between “HIMYM” and “How I Met Your Dad,” Tassler still considers the new show a spinoff.

“I think it is a spinoff because it is Carter and Craig — they brought in Emily Spivey, but the way the show is structured, the way the story is told, the way the characters will come to learn about the dad, it does follow in form like ‘How I Met Your Mother,'” Tassler says. “The structure is very similar.”

Bays, Thomas and Spivey came to the network with their idea for the show rather than vice versa, Tassler says. She’s looking forward to seeing them continue the notion of a serialized sitcom.

“[‘HIMYM’] really broke the form in terms of having a comedy that had a mythology that ran the entire length of the series,” Tassler says. :So we feel that they’ve broken new ground, they introduced a new form, and that’s why we’re excited to talk about the spinoff.”

Posted by:Rick Porter