josh radnor chris kattan hi 'How I Met Your Mother': Chris Kattan as Ted?“How I Met Your Mother” is going down the rabbit hole in May, presenting us a weird alternate reality in which “The Middle’s” Chris Kattan is Ted Mosby.

Or rather, “Jed Moseley.” Kattan, along with Jason Lewis and Malin Akerman, will guest-star in “HIMYM’s” May 17 episode as the stars of “The Wedding Bride,” the movie based on Stella and Tony’s (former guest stars Sarah Chalke and Jason Jones) relationship.

Judy Greer, late of “Modern Family” and “Archer,” will also guest in the episode, CBS confirms to Zap2it.

You might recall that late last season, Future Ted told his kids that Stella and Tony’s life would become the subject of a movie called “The Wedding Bride”  that was released in May 2010. As promised, the movie is on its way (it even has its own website). In the episode, Akerman and Lewis will play the movie versions of Stella and Tony, and Kattan will give a less-than-flattering portrait of Ted (Josh Radnor).

Greer, meanwhile, will play Ted’s date when he goes to see the movie — raising the question of why on Earth Ted would want to go see a movie based on a woman who left him at the altar and, as Future Ted puts it in the aforementioned episode, “smash[ed] my heart to smithereens.” For that, we’ll have to wait and see on May 17.

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Photo credits: CBS (Radnor), WireImage (Kattan)

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