neil-patrick-harris-himym-320.jpgAfter two Robin Sparkles videos, a collaboration with “Extreme”‘s Nuno Bettencourt, the 100th episode musical number and the songs of countless artists all showcased on “How I Met Your Mother”, it’s somewhat strange that the series has not released a soundtrack, no?

Co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas think so too.

“We’d love to [do a soundtrack],” Craig told me at a Paley Center event celebrating the series’ recent 100th ep. “We feel like we’re slowly kind of racking up enough
songs. For us, music is so integral in the show. Not just songs that we
write… I think we’ve used a lot of cool songs [by various musicians that] you’re not seeing on other sitcoms. And I
think if you amass it into a cool soundtrack album, it would be
pretty impressive.”

You agree?

Shall we start a campaign, as Craig suggests in the clip below?

Because, if not, we may just have to settle for Carter’s other musical suggestion: “How I Met Your Mother” as a Broadway production… on ice.

No, seriously…

Okay, not seriously.

But he did suggest it.

Silly musical queen…

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