neil patrick harris conan obrien 'How I Met Your Mother': Conan O'Brien set for (likely silent) cameo in Season 7

“How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris appeared on the June 20 episode of “Conan” and dropped a bit of casting news about the upcoming seventh season.

After sharing a rather hilarious story about how he imagines his twins will speak with British accents when they come of age, he announced that Conan O’Brien will actually appear on the show when it returns in the fall.

As it turns out, the two recently shared a table at a benefit, and during the live auction portion of the dinner, O’Brien bid on a walk-on role on “HIMYM” — outbidding himself several times to secure the prize.

“I won it,” says O’Brien. “The creators of the show were saying, we”ll write you in as a character… I think it’s much funnier if I’m in the bar, in the background.”

Somehow, we don’t think he’ll be too hard to spot in MacLaren’s.

Watch the full interview below:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell