neil patrick harris himym 100th 320 'How I Met Your Mother': Episode 100 pits girls vs. suitsDespite all evidence to the contrary – and tonight there was some pretty substantial evidence – it just doesn’t feel like “How I Met Your Mother” can be at episode 100. Of course, tonight the show did in fact hit that magic number. Suit up, because what we got tonight was legen… wait for it…

We actually got closer (at least a little) to meeting the future mother of Ted’s children. Ted met an awfully nice girl named Cindy (Rachel Bilson), and ended up going out on a date with her. Cindy, we learned, is the mother’s roommate. We didn’t so much see the mother tonight except for her ankle and foot, but Ted did realize that there’s this perfect bass-playing woman out there and even knows where she lives. I’m not saying he’s going to become a stalker, but I am hoping that tonight’s chance almost encounter leads to Ted’s actually pursuing her in a real way and that they don’t just randomly meet later and only after that realize that their paths crossed (kind of) tonight.

Forget the facts of that story though, how great was Cindy’s initial description of her roommate as being a whore… or a dominatrix? And to think, that’s the future mother of Ted’s children. I’m not sure that I’d like to have been told as much first thing about the woman who would become the mother of my child(ren), but it certainly is something of a memorable introduction.

As per usual, I did find myself asking one major question about that whole plot – do you think that Cindy was in fact terribly jealous of her roommate, or has future Ted (or his memory) changed things so that he thinks she was? I think it may just be possible for future Ted to be altering the story for his children so that they see their mother as Ted sees her – the perfect human being.

Whatever the case may be, great storyline, just loved it. Plus, the mother got her umbrella back, and I do think Ted was somewhat in the wrong taking it after that party a few seasons back.

Okay, tell me that if someone explained to you Barney’s story tonight it wouldn’t sound like some brand-new, horrible reality show. (You have to say this next bit in a deep announcer-type voice) There is a single man, he really loves suits, however there is one thing he might like more than suits… women. Can this man – this besuited man – give up that which he most cares for in order to get lucky with a hot bartender played by Stacy Keibler? (you can now stop the voice) See, bad reality show written all over it.

Of course, it wasn’t a bad reality show, it was an awesome bit of Barney. I won’t say that crying over the death of his Italian suit humanized him, but I always do like to see Barney have real feelings outside ecstasy. Plus, he did that outstanding musical number. I figured he had to end up sleeping with the bartender, but I really did like the song.


Bits and pieces:

  • Tim Gunn is Barney’s personal tailor? Awesome.

  • I have no idea what that dissertation title was, all I know is that I was hot.

  • I don’t know about Marshall and Lily, but I don’t have to pretend, Robin as regular Robin or bartender Robin (but mostly suit Robin) is hotter than bartender Stacy Keibler.

  • Triple schnauzers named Frank, Lloyd, and Wright. I hope Ted didn’t actually do that.

  • Okay, the quote of the night. You know that the quote is the entire song, but because I can’t give it all to you here, how about, “I know the university rule book says we can’t date, but it also says ‘don’t teach drunk’ and I do that all the time.”

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