how i met your mother marshall lily wedding 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralAs
in non-TV life, some of “How I Met Your Mother’s” biggest moments coincide with weddings. None of them have involved Ted’s (Josh Radner)
own mysterious bride, but that might soon change.

Season 6 kicks off September 20 with “Big Days.” According to CBS, the
episode finds Ted and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) fighting over an attractive woman — who
just happens to be with Cindy (Rachel Bilson), Ted’s failed flame who we know to be
the roommate of the show’s titular mother. Now its clearly too much to
hope for that the new woman in question be Ted’s future wife, but
that doesn’t mean we won’t get some glimpse of her.

There are rumors that the episode features a wedding, one that won’t likely occur in the series’ normal chronology. And considering co-creator Craig Thomas’ revelation that the premiere will include a glimpse of an important day in Ted’s life, it’s not too presumptuous to think it may involve a certain yellow-umbrella-carrying baby mama.

So while we theorize about what sort of nuptials may be in store for us in the premiere, take a look back at the series’ biggest weddings to date — and how they’ve helped ready Ted for his own impending marriage: 

how i met your mother something blue 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralMarshall and Lily, “Something Blue,” May 14, 2007

A year’s worth of romantic turmoil paid off for Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) during their Season 2 finale wedding. It was a perfect TV union — even if Marshall had to wear a fedora to cover up his Backstreet Boy highlights.

It was somewhat less successful for Ted and Robin (Cobie Smulders). Even though the pilot clearly stated Robin was future Ted’s kids’ aunt, the series entertained the idea of them as a couple until this pivotal episode when they realized their priorities would just never align.

There have been flirtations with a reunion since then, but the rise of Robin and Barney as a more appealing duo and her blatant not-the-mother-ness mean Ted’s first romance on the series was never intended to be his last.

how i met your mother shelter island 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralTed and Stella, “Shelter Island,” October 20, 2008

What made Stella so hard to take — no offense, Sarah Chalke — was the simple fact that there was no way on god’s green earth that she was the mother of Ted’s children. Our introduction to the series’ pivotal missing player was not going to be piggybacked onto Britney Spears stunt casting.

But Stella stuck around as a love interest for a whopping six episodes and a sad reminder for an additional three. A reminder of what exactly? Our hero’s dashed hopes. Stella left Ted for her ex on their wedding day — even though he was willing to move to New Jersey for her. Good riddance.

how i met your mother home wreckers 2 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralClint and Virginia, “Home Wreckers,” April 19, 2010

Ted’s (and fan’s) frustrations with his lack of romantic momentum came to a head last season when his mother de-Mosby’d, marrying crunchy boyfriend Clint (Harry Groener, better known as “Buffy’s” Mayor Richard Wilkins III).

During Clint’s song about making sweet love to Ted’s mom, Ted blacks out, flees the wedding and reappears 72-hours later the owner of a dilapidated home. It’s a hobo-filled dump, but it’s also the set of the series’ flash-forward storyline, where future Ted’s kids have been listening patiently to his rambling for five seasons. A light at the end of the tunnel!

how i met your mother wedding bride 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralJed and Stella, “The Wedding Bride,” May 17, 2010

To add insult to injury, Ted’s Season 4 altar abandonment came back to haunt him in Season 5, when it’s revealed that Stella’s new man Tony wrote a movie.

A sensationalized account of Ted and Stella’s relationship, “The Wedding Bride” stars Chris Kattan as Jed Mosley, an evil architect bent on ruining Stella’s chances at love and making children suffer.

Ultimately, the movie ends up being a bit cathartic for Ted, helping him get over his hang-ups on potential mates by realizing that his un-wedding left him with a bit of baggage himself.

The full theatrical trailer for the criminally not real “The Wedding Bride”:

how i met your mother the sexless inkeeper 'How I Met Your Mother': Four weddings and a funeralWhiskers, “The Sexless Innkeeper,” October 12, 2009

it doesn’t pertain to the romantic arc of the series, but this is
a post with a shtick. And Marshall’s song for his mother-in-law’s dead cat is too good to
not include.

In fewer than three minutes, “HIMYM” perfectly capture’s Marshall and Lily’s super-couple chemistry, Jason Segal’s unique contribution to this world and the series’ ability to be at its very best when delving into completely irrelevant asides. (Also: “The Sexless Innkeeper” is hands down the best title of any episode in TV history.)

So what do you want to see from the next season of “HIMYM” — are you planning on making some “Mother” headway or is this wedding talk just another red herring?

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