When Robin Sparkles makes her triumphant return on the Nov. 15 episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” she won’t be alone. This time the show has tapped actress and signer Nicole Scherzinger to play the teen pop star’s counterpart, Jessica Glitter.

Zap2it met with Glitter Scherzinger on the “HIMYM” set, and in addition to weighing in on those “X-Factor” rumors and offering us a bit of Jessica Glitter (in character!), the Pussycat Doll talks about her summer working with Neil Patrick Harris in his Los Angeles production of “Rent.”

“He was amazing,” Scherzinger says of her former director. “I had such a great time doing ‘Rent.’ I was really blessed, because it was the first time a lot of people in the industry had seen me act. They were kind enough to say, ‘she’s kind of crazy, let’s write her into one of our episodes.'”

There’s no telling if Scherzinger will share any scenes with her former director though. While Jessica Glitter’s flashback is freely talked about, her involvement in the series’ current time line is under wraps. All we know is that it somehow involves a rift between her and Robin.

The reigning “Dancing With the Stars” champ, Scherzinger also tells us who she’d like to see take home the mirrorball trophy this season — even if she hasn’t had time to watch the show. “I’ve been in Eurppe this whole time, so I’ve got to catch up,” she admits, “but I’m definitely rooting for Derek and Jennifer.”

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell