During a break from filming on Monday’s (Sept. 26) episode of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” Jason Segel recalls shooting an episode with comedy legend Martin Short, which aired as part of the show’s two-episode premiere on Sept. 19.

“He was always an icon,” Segel tells Zap2it. “Getting to act next to him was a thrill, for sure. We’ve had only one day together, so I’m still just in admiration of it.”

Short played Garrison Cootes, the new boss of Segel’s character, attorney Marshall Eriksen, at environmental-law firm Honeywell & Cootes.

Says Segel, “Finding out that someone of Martin short’s caliber liked the show and wanted to be part of is certainly extremely satisfying.”

In the meantime, Segel has been working on “The Muppets,” a feature film due out just before Thanksgiving on Nov. 23, for which he is both co-writer and star.

“The show has been very accommodating,” says Segel, “because they know something like the Muppets is truly a dream of mine. So, we’re making it work. It’s difficult for me schedule-wise. There’s not much sleep involved, but it’s all worthwhile.

“It’s going to be a really fun movie. I’m so honored to be even a footnote in a legacy like the Muppets. To bring them back where they belong, to the big screen, is a real honor.”

As for his favorite Muppet, “I’ve always been a big Kermit fan. Kermit, to me, is the original everyman.”

Here’s a trailer:

Posted by:Kate O'Hare