blitsgiving 'How I Met Your Mother': Jorge Garcia shows up for a slap free Thanksgiving

“How I Met Your Mother” Thanksgiving episodes tend to be more violent than tender — with Marshall (Jason Segel) frequently choosing the holiday to dole out Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) remaining slap bet punishment.

But that might change with this season’s episode, when Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) starts working her way into the gang and “Lost” star Jorge Garcia guests as their old college friend, “The Blitz.”

Suffering from a unique social curse that makes awesome things happen only after he’s left a party, the Blitz seemed to be written with Garcia in mind. Zap2it stopped by the “HIMYM” set the day they filmed the Nov. 22 episode, and there are few “Lost” references in there.

Garcia is just happy to have some lighthearted material on his plate. “It’s cool being a part of a Thanksgiving episode,” he tells Zap2it. “There are those special holiday episodes on series… we never got to do anything like that on ‘Lost.'”

But Garcia isn’t the only Blitz in the episode. The curse, apparently, is easily passed, and when it moves on to Ted (Josh Radnor), he finds that all of his friends have had an epic night out with his nemesis, Zoey.

In typical “HIMYM” fashion, this is all told in shuffled chronology, and all of it continues to build a strong case for Zoey/Ted romance.

“There’s some cracks in her marriage,” says returning guest Jennifer Morrison of Zoey. “Clearly, they aren’t even spending Thanksgiving together. We establish in this episode that he has a daughter from a previous marriage, and that daughter does not like me.”

The step-daughter may not, but everyone else seems to. And the positive feedback causes her to lash out at her husband (the absentee Kyle McLaughlin) in a very peculiar way. We can’t say anymore, but for a tease of “Blitzgiving,” here’s an exposition-friendly scene from the episode:

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credit: CBS

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell