Despite their recent admission of love on “How I Met Your Mother,” it’s clear that Ted (Josh Radnor) and Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) are on borrowed time.

The penultimate Season 6 episode, “Landmark,” finds Ted poised to move on to more motherly pursuits, choosing between his girlfriend and his dream of building the new GNB headquarters, so it seems he might finally be ready to let her go.

Zap2it caught up with Radnor on the “HIMYM” set, while filming the season finale, and in addition to explaining the problems of the ill-fated onscreen couple, he teased the potentially game-changing season end-er.

“There’s a demolition of a building,” he says, “There’s a floral shop, there are run-ins with ex-lovers on the streets of New York, there are tears, there’s a food-poisoning scare and there’s Chi McBride and Dave Foley.”

At least one of those ex-lovers will be Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris), with Nazanin Boniadi reprising her role as the sweet, marriage-focused Nora — but didn’t Radnor leave something out about a wedding?

“We started the season at a wedding, and we’ll end the season at a wedding,” he says offering no other clues as to who he’ll be performing best man duties for or whether or not we’ll even get a partial glimpse of the soul mate he’s set to meet.

With the recent two-season pick-up, both of those revelations could still be a ways off.

“I think now, they’re really trying to think about the next two years and not just the next season,” says Radnor. “We haven’t had the big talk, but [co-creator] Carter [Bays] just told me it’s going to be great. So that’s good. It’s better than being told it’s going to be kind of ‘eh.'”

More on the future of “HIMYM,” and ours and Radnor’s love of Season 6 guest Kyle MacLachlan, in our video interview.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell