Alysonhannigan_howimetyourmother_s3_240 Supporting a friend is never the wrong decision. Being there for someone you care about is always the right thing to do. Maybe. “How I Met Your Mother” put that theory to the test tonight, so pajama suit-up, we’ve got plenty to talk about.

Imagine a pajama party convened at 3:30 in the morning in order to watch a friend of yours on television. No, they’re not on some sort of special, magical, happy-land, once-in-a-lifetime show, the show is one that they’re on every morning at 4:00, and which apparently gets “spanked in the ratings by that Korean channel that only shows Kim Jong-Il riding a horse.” Even if that show were for Robin, my Robin Scherbatsky, I don’t know if I could be at a party to watch it, and I’m quite convinced that none of the gang should have been there tonight. You know the rule as well as I — nothing good happens at 3:30 in the morning.

Okay, forget that last bit, one good thing happened at this party at 3:30 in the morning — Ted showed up and announced that he and Karen had broken up… again. That psycho thought that Robin and Ted had been hooking up all because one of Robin’s earrings was in Ted’s bed. In true “HIMYM” fashion I could probably come up with five reasons right now explaining how Robin’s earring ended up there and none of them would have anything to do with Robin sleeping with Ted, but I won’t. Lily put the earring in the bed, that’s how it got there.

Can you really blame Lily though? You can’t, can you? Not only was Ted far better off without Karen, not only are we all far better off without Karen, Karen lingered when peepin’ at Lily’s man’s junk. She had gots to get got. Lily didn’t say it was for that reason that she did it, but I think it was. The other half-dozen women she broke Ted up with were probably for Ted’s own good, but Karen had to go because of the junk lingering.

Sure, maybe Lily went above and beyond the call of duty with her repeatedly breaking Ted up, but I think she was really just looking out for her friend’s best interests. And, let’s face it, Ted’s kind of a fool when it comes to women. It seems that the only criteria that need be satisfied when he’s looking for someone is that she respond when he says “hello.” Ted needs someone watching out for him, and who better than that little spitfire Lily?

So, good for Lily, I wholeheartedly approve of her repeatedly looking out for Ted. I even approve of her breaking up Ted and Robin. I may at one time have been a ‘shipper, but I now see how wrong I was. Those two didn’t have a long term future together and Lily didn’t really even break them up as much as she had them both question the viability of the relationship. It was the fact that Robin and Ted’s desires for the future didn’t line up at all that got them to break up. Lily just prompted an inevitable conversation.

Those were the facts of tonight, but that wasn’t the awesome and boy was there awesome. As the truth behind the breakup unfolded, in the background Robin was there on TV doing the best morning talk show ever. She showed pictures of her friends, put out a man who was on fire, and delivered a baby. Yup, she delivered a baby right there on local television. I’ve always had a feeling that Robin could do anything she wanted and now I know for a fact that she can.

Speaking of awesome — Barney sleeps in a pajama suit! Barney sleeps in a pajama suit! How awesome is that!?! He even has a sleeping cravat! Not surprisingly, Marshall wears a nightdress because it makes him feel like he’s flying, but a nightdress is no pajama suit with a sleeping cravat. Sure, wearing a nightdress over a heating vent makes your stuff feel like it’s on a tropical island (“mahalo!”), but random hot chicks knocking on your door in the middle of the night won’t be hooking up with you if you’re in a nightdress. Tomorrow I google to find out where I can get a pajama suit (preferably wrinkle free).

Okay, the pajama suit was great but you know the best bit of the night was Ted and Marshall at a Sci-Fi convention and Marshall crying Wookie-style for Ted. I’d give that as the quote of the night, but frankly I don’t know how to spell the Wookie cry of anguish. Any thoughts?

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Posted by:Josh Lasser