himym-knight-vision-josh-radnor-anna-camp.jpgAs has been the case throughout the opening run of “How I Met Your Mother’s” final season, Monday’s (Oct. 21) episode featured several amusing small moments. It’s hard not to chuckle at Sherri Shepherd’s voice coming out of Alyson Hannigan’s mouth, and the running “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” gag was funny, then not funny, then funny again with the “She chose … Wesley” line at the end.

But at this point, the viewing experience is one of marking time until we see the Mother again — she has a big episode coming up in a couple of weeks, so there’s that to look forward to. The latest tease of Ted on the train platform* in this episode doesn’t count.

(*Fun fact: Before Cristin Milioti was cast, several different people “played” the Mother — including executive producer and director Pam Fryman.)

Future Ted’s point of his poor choice of weekend dates is well-taken — had he not given in to his baser impulses and ended up with the emotional wreck that is Cassie (Anna Camp, doing good work with a thankless role), his path to meeting his future wife would have become more complicated. But let’s get to it already — here’s hoping that after that episode in a couple weeks, the show will spend more time flashing forward to the future she shares with Ted.

“Knight Vision” also featured a guest appearance by Richard Gilmore Edward Herrmann as Barney and Robin’s disapproving minister, and Herrmann turned in some good work — which, sadly, will be his only work this season, as Barney and Robin’s owning up to all the messy details of their relationship was literally more than the minister’s heart could take. Introducing an actor so well-known only to kill his character in a single episode is a pretty big letdown, unless the “HIMYM” writers are planning a twist not yet in evidence from this episode.

The minister does, however, get to say what many of us have been thinking for some time now — that Robin and Barney are really kind of terrible people. They love each other and all (or so the show keeps telling us), but I suspect some cheers went up when the Rev. Gilmore Lowell delivered that line.

“Knight Vision” also gave us some movement on the Lily-Marshall front, with Daphne forcing Marshall to talk through what he’s going to say to Lily when he arrives in Farhampton. And as funny as it is watching Sherri Shepherd‘s voice come out of Alyson Hannigan‘s mouth, the wrinkle at the end, with Daphne sending a text telling Lily about Marshall’s judgeship, felt like conflict for the sake of conflict.

The Aldrin-Eriksens should have already talked this out, but since Marshall was a dummy at the end of last season they haven’t yet. Still, they deserve that face-to-face conversation — but we’ve already had an episode this season where Marshall panics about word of his decision reaching Lily electronically. There’s certainly no need for another one so soon.

What did you think of “How I Met Your Mother” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter