josh-radnor-himym-last-time-in-new-york.jpgAfter the emotional high of seeing Ted and the Mother together in last week’s “How I Met Your Mother” premiere, there was bound to be a little bit of a letdown. And there was.

Still, “Last Time in New York” was fairly light on its feet, combining a silly if well-executed farce about Barney and Robin looking for a place to do it before their relatives descend with some decent emotional stuff about Ted wanting to leave New York.

The latter could still be a problem if Ted continues to insist on avoiding Barney and not facing up to his lingering feelings for Robin. It could also become a moot point in a week, as Barney says in the final scene that he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel. But the scenes between Ted and Lily, and the cutaways to Ted checking off his Big Apple Murtaugh bucket list, worked pretty well (naturally, he’d fix the grammatically incorrect graffiti).

Lily is also right on target in her not really final life lecture: If Ted feels like he needs to leave New York at this moment, fine, but he should leave behind the bad stuff, not the things he loves.

The Barney-Robin story was, as noted above, pretty silly, but the zombie-movie jokes — in particular James’ resigned “Why does the brother always die first?” — worked well enough for a B-plot. So did Marshall’s irrational hatred of all things Wisconsin and his terrible, cheese-headed punishment for his hand in ruining Lily’s dress.

“Last Time in New York” was also Mother-free. Based on last week’s first outing, it will be great to see her with Ted and the rest of the gang more, but it’s understandable why the show swung its focus back to the core group this week. Better to leave her out than awkwardly shoehorn her in at this early juncture.

What did you think of “How I Met Your Mother” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter