Around this time last year on “How I Met Your Mother,” when Ted (Josh Radnor) happened to run into his ex-fiancee Stella (Sarah Chalke) on the street, we learned of a movie called “The Wedding Bride.”

The film, Future Ted told us, was a romantic comedy chronicling the relationship between Stella and her boyfriend Tony (Jason Jones), written by Tony himself, and it would open in May 2010. And lo and behold, here it is.

The clip above has the fake trailer for the fake movie, which will be featured in Monday’s (May 17) “HIMYM” as Ted takes a date (guest star Judy Greer) to see it. It stars/the show guest-stars Malin Akerman as Movie Stella, Jason Lewis as Movie Tony and Chris Kattan as Movie Ted.

We have to say, if “The Wedding Bride” were in fact a real movie, it did a good job of casting movie versions of the three main characters (Chris Kattan makes a pretty convincing evil Ted). And if it were real? Hey, we laughed more at this than at the trailer for “The Back-Up Plan.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter