neilpatrickharris 'How I Met Your Mother': Is New York Yankee CC Sabathia stopping by McLaren's?Though it was reported earlier today that New York Yankee Nick Swisher was the only member of the World Series-winning team set to guest on an upcoming episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” sources tell Zap2it that an offer is out to starting pitcher CC Sabathia as well.  
Word is, producers wrote a part for him too, and there’s a strong possibility that he’ll be stopping by McLaren’s bar with his buddy Swisher.

The episode they’re expected to cameo in — titled “The Perfect Week” — will probably air Feb. 1.

Swisher and Sabathia are supposedly putting a strain on Barney’s infamous game, threatening to ruin his “perfect week” by distracting a potential female conquest. 

One lady they won’t have their way with? Barney’s ex, Robin. I’m hearing she actually shuts Swisher down. Ha.

Maybe ’cause he’s not a hockey player?

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