himym doppelgangers 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: A Tale of Two BarniesThis episode takes place in some sort of weird countdown from fifty to one, which never really makes sense, even at the end. Maybe it’s just because they can. Anyway, we do finally meet Barney’s doppelganger, in the form of Marshall and Lily’s fertility doctor, Dr. Stangel. Unfortunately, that means that Barney has to be in the room (fully sunglassed and earphoned up, of course) while the doctor checks out Lily’s lady parts. Otherwise, Lily’s certain Barney will pull a switcheroo and check her out (he does pull one in the end, but for less sinister purposes: to get Marshall to play laser tag with him by lying that it helps sperm count or something). When Lily checks out fine, Marshall’s sure it’s him that’s the problem, which means he avoids his dad’s phone calls. He only likes to tell his dad when there’s good news, you see, because that’s what makes it real. So, while he’s trying to masturbate, his parents show up at his house. By the time he gets it done and gets the results back (his sperm is fine), his dad’s died of a heart attack. I’m not sure why he didn’t have his phone on him, but Lily gives him the news at the end of the episode right when he’s at his high point. They cry and hug in the street, and it’s terribly sad. And unexpected.

While Barney, Barney’s doppelganger, Lily, and Marshall are involved in matters of life and death, Robin’s caught up in work drama, because Wesley, a.k.a. Robin’s former co-host/d*****bag Sandy Rivers, is the new host at her new job, World Wide News. He’s spoiling her reputation, first by lying that they slept together, then by revealing the time she fell in horse poop on air, then sharing even more embarrassing moments of Robin on video, including Robin Sparkles and an owl attack that Ted looks up and loves but we don’t get to see. (Boo! “Hoo?”) In the end, she joins in making fun of herself instead of outing Sandy as a big-ol’ toupee wearer (which Ted discovers by showing up at his place and snapping a photo), and it seems to go fine. Saget!Ted even tells us she has a long, wonderful career there or something. Ted doesn’t do much other than talk to Robin about her work, and Barney’s only in the episode to help out Lily and Marshall’s storyline.

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