neil patrick harris himym 320 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Another One DownThis episode of “How I Met Your Mother” starts out ten years in the future, with Ted at an airport in Hong Kong looking decidedly twenty years older (at least). He runs into Wendy the Waitress, which flashes us back to ten years earlier, when Ted was with Zoey and the gang hung out at MacLaren’s with their waitress, Wendy. Barney had just finished his Valentine’s Day laser tag date with Nora, and was avoiding calling her because she’d turned down a drink at the first date. Marshall was moping, hating his job, and not having sex with Lily. And Ted and Zoey were in that new-couple bliss where he wanted to tell everyone how they met (his kids are like, “Yeah, we get it; you love long, drawn-out stories of meeting women).

Marshall’s mopiness has something to do with wanting to save the planet, especially after watching a documentary about Garbage Island. Lily practically strips in front of him, rubs him all over, and does everything else she can to try to get him to have sex, but he won’t. In the end, sitting in a dumpster, he finally admits this is all about his dad’s expectations of him and how he can’t be a dad until he’s saved the world. It’s hard to tell if they mean it or if they’ll be back to trying for a baby soon. I guess we’ll find out. Barney fights his love for Nora (which he can’t say without a smile), but Robin eventually convinces him, through trickery, that he likes her. And he ultimately gets her number and goes to make a phone call.

Zoey, for some reason, left one box back at her old apartment with the Captain, which she puts Ted in charge of getting. When he shows up, the Captain thinks he’s there to show support for him. They bond over Captain-speak and hatred for whomever stole Zoey’s heart. Ultimately, the Captain blames the doorman and wants to injure him until Ted convinces him they were never right for each other anyway (she didn’t even like boats!). So Ted admits he’s the new boyfriend and runs away. Then we’re back in 2021 in the Hong Kong airport, and we find out Wendy the Waitress ended up with a guy she met because of Marshall’s annoying green phase. She asks Ted if he’s still with Zoey. He’s not, and it didn’t end well. When he starts tell the story of the woman he’s with now (the mother of his two children), they say they really have to go and cut him off. So he calls Marshall on a hologram phone. Ah, the future. Still as silly as it’s ever been on television.

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