neil patrick harris himym 02 320 How I Met Your Mother recap: Barney Stinson <i>Always</i> Gets The YesOn “HIMYM,” Ted starts us out this week with a lecture he’s giving in class that changed someone’s life — then he flashes back to weeks to Barney explaining his rules for getting the “yes” from a girl. And, folks, he always gets it. Soon enough, he wants Ted to come back to work at Goliath National Bank, on the building project that the company scrapped before Ted became a professor. Ted loves being a professor, though, so he’s okay giving up that past dream.

So Barney brings out all of his tactics for getting the yes: He ignores Ted, then he pays him a backhanded compliment, then he brags in the form of a complaint. Then he pretends they hired someone else, and gives Ted a gift. Finally, Ted quits and runs back to Barney, but he does get Barney to break a rule: Barney takes Ted to dinner before getting the yes. Marshall helps a little bit, as Barney’s wingman, which is pretty much his only role in the episode.

Robin, meanwhile, is up late watching satellite, where she sees Don on the Chicago news. She pretends she was all cool and calm, but Lily asks where the poop is (she’s basically accusing Robin of being a dog that pooped somewhere in the house). Robin admits she actually wasn’t calm, and then she called Don and told him she’s going to kill him and eat his face on a pizza. (I know, right? Ew.)

Lily makes her delete the number, which she decidedly does not. And then she calls Don again, once again threatening death. After Lily smells the poop some more, and Marshall barely gets involved, Robin really does delete Don’s number. Unfortunately, though, she has it memorized and calls him anyway. Until she eventually forgets it, getting the closure she so badly needed. I guess.

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