himym cast 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: #FreeQuinnHey, remember when How I Met Your Mother was a comedy with genuine laughs and everything? Yeah, that doesn’t ring a bell with me either. Apparently, even the writers have forgotten that particular detail since “The Broath” — the 19th episode in this profoundly mediocre season — seemed deliberately calculated to contain as little humor as possible. Maybe if these people were remotely interesting anymore, the shift towards drama wouldn’t be quite so jarring. But it’s getting increasingly hard to recognize the characters we knew and once loved adored generally enjoyed. In their place are, as Barney describes them toward the end of the episode, a group of “presumptuous, meddlesome and downright destructive” individuals who should probably be put in a jail cell alongside the Seinfeld cast for the good of humanity.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, as that way lies a third act plot twist that we should save for the final graf… not that it isn’t that hard to figure out if you’re paying attention. (Which is more of a challenge than you might think given how boring much of the episode is.) “The Broath” begins with Barney summoning Ted to his apartment and forcing him to swear to a secret vow known as “bro-oath or broath.” (On the secret vow scale, that ranks higher than a pinky swear, but lower than swearing on your mother’s life.) The particular secret he’s taking a broath (ugh, it just sounds lamer every time you say it or type it) to protect is that Barney’s new girlfriend, Quinn, works a pole for a living. See, he’s about to take the big step of introducing her to the gang, but doesn’t want him revealing her past as a 1) a stripper and 2) a stripper who bilked Barney for thousands of dollars, as that information would likely prejudice them against her. Ted places his hand on Barney’s leather-bound Bro Code volume and diligently swears the broath… and then spills the beans to his friends not one second later. Yet another example of why Ted Evelyn Mosby is the worst human being in the world.

Anyway, the revelation that Quinn is a duplicitous stripper predictably inspires lots of hand-wringing amongst the group, just as they’re about to truck over to Quinn’s to have a “getting to know you” dinner with her and Barney. The night appears to go disastrously with Quinn bossing the poor guy around constantly, refusing to even let him go to the bathroom. She also mentions that her lovely, rent-controlled apartment is going on the market soon, news that’s of particular interest to Robin and Ted who vacated their old apartment in the previous episode and are currently residing at a work frenemy’s house and a college dorm respectively. (In the episode’s one semi-clever touch, Ted is constantly harassed by a trio of students in the hallway made up to resemble younger versions of him, Lily and Marshall.) And because it’s not a How I Met Your Mother party if one couple isn’t embarrassing themselves publicly, Marshall and Lily start telling old sex stories involving themselves and “anonymous” partners (i.e. each other, since Lily’s the only woman Marshall has ever been with and everyone knows it). Why Quinn doesn’t throw them all out of her apartment right then and there indicates she’s not as smart as she seem to think she is.

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