cobie smulders himym s6 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Marshall Versus the MachinesIt’s “The Amazing Race,” “How I Met Your Mother”-style in this actually cool and only-a-little-gimmicky concept episode that has our whole cast racing separately to a single location in downtown Manhattan.

Basically, they get a call from a friend who sees Woody Allen at Gregor’s Steakhouse. Robin thinks it would be cool to see him, but everyone else just teases her about not being a New Yorker yet if she hasn’t seen Woody Allen. She tries to tell them she’s seen Maury Povich, but they don’t think that counts since he’s everywhere (in this episode). Also, if she hasn’t stolen a cab from someone who needed it more, cried on the subway without giving a damn what anyone thought, and killed a cockroach with her bare hands. (She will do all of those by end of this day episode.) They discuss the quickest way to get to Gregor’s, and each of them has a different theory. They all pretend there’s, like, no way to know who’s right anyway, and then they start racing…

Lily takes the subway, and Saget!Ted tells us she needs the win because she and Marshall haven’t been able to get pregnant, so she feels like a loser. Maury Povich is there, and he calls her an idiot. Ted takes the bus, where he turns out to be the one crazy person no one will sit by. Maury Povich is there, and he looks at Ted derisively. Robin tries to take a cab, but Maury Povich steals it from her. (Then she steals one from another woman, who needed it more: check!). Barney eats a steak and then pretends to choke, since ambulance is his vehicle of choice. Unfortunately, he can’t choose the hospital and finds himself going uptown instead of downtown. So he calls Ranjit and hitches a ride. Then he picks up Robin, who scolds him for not noticing how sad she’s been. Then she jumps out. Barney passes Marshall. I’m sure Maury Povich pops up again somewhere.

Everyone meets up at some point in the middle, then races some more. Barney takes and then drives a rickshaw. Robin cries on the subway (check!), and Lily consoles her. Then Lily calls Ranjit and gives Marshall a ride. But they decide to stop worrying about baby-making and racing and go to Coney Island instead. Ted, Barney, and Robin are in a dead-heat to the finish, when Barney tackles Ted and Robin wins. She has a nice dinner with Anonymous Friend Max, who points out Woody Allen (it’s actually Maury Povich; he always gets them confused). Then Robin kills a cockroach with her bare hands, and — check! — she’s a New Yorker. As long as it doesn’t mean an end to the Canada jokes.

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