neil patrick harris himym 320 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: "Not Bad. Not Bad At All."This week on “How I Met Your Mother,” we barely spend a moment at MacLaren’s before Barney somehow (and, really, we don’t get to see how) talks everyone in to helping him go to his mom’s to pack and move his stuff out, since she’s preparing to move. James is there, too, of course, and we soon learn that the lie about Bob Barker being Barney’s dad isn’t the only lie Loretta told her boys. She also made up lies to make Barney feel better when he got cut from the basketball team, and when no one showed up to his birthday party. And he bought it all.

James says he learned about her lies much earlier, and knows his dad isn’t Bill Cosby, or any of the others she told him. As they’re going through a box of letters, Barney and James find a never-mailed letter from their mom to Sam Gibbs with a picture of the boys inside. It says “your son” on the back, so James finally convinces Barney they should go find out who Sam Gibbs fathered.

Barney pretends his dad’s Bob Barker right up until the whole gang is standing on his porch. Then he admits it just made him better to think that. They open the door, and Sam Gibbs is black. There’s a touching reunion between him and James, and just when Marshall and Lily are whispering about how hard this must be for Barney, Barney runs up and hugs Sam, all, “Papa!” Lots of funny jokes ensue about Barney think he’s black, of course. In the end, his mom tells him the truth, and offers to tell him who his dad is, but Barney doesn’t want to know, because he already had the best dad ever: his mom.

Since the A plot takes up the bulk of the episode, Lily and Marshall are relegated to standing in the background talking about parents’ biggest lie: Santa Claus. And Robin and Ted discuss her possibly setting him up with someone all episode that never pans out — because Robin’s an overseller.

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