himym robin barney 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Robin is [spoiler]!The Season 7 Thanksgiving episode of “How I Met Your Mother” turned out to be
otherwise unremarkable — until Robin’s big bombshell at the end of the night. Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the episode! It’s alright, go press play on your DVR — we’ll be here when you get back.

Okay, so we’ve all seen it?! Excellent.

First reaction: AHHHHHHH! Robin. Is. Pregnant. Second reaction: We kind of, sort of, maybe saw this coming. A little bit. You had to think deep down inside that there was a reason Barney admitted he was ready to have kids, and that Robin was so weird and dead-set against Marshall and Lily moving to the ‘burbs. But did you actually think this would happen?

During “Tick Tick Tick,” we realized that while Barney was in the right emotional space for a relationship, Robin wasn’t. Is this baby going to push her in that direction in a hurry? That is, as long the baby is Barney’s. Considering the spur-of-the-moment passionate night the two shared didn’t seem like it was the kind where they would be extra-vigilant about using protection, we’re assuming it is. (Of course, we also remember what happens when you assume…)

She could also decide not to keep it, which would definitely not be out of character for her, but feels a little heavy for “HIMYM” — especially if it’s a little Stinson we’re talking about. We all know Barney and Robin are meant to be. (Not sorry about the Barney/Robin ‘shipping — we really love them both and we love them together.)

And what about Kevin in this situation? Kal Penn is great, but he just hasn’t really integrated into the gang like some past significant others have. We don’t forsee him sticking around for a long time.

Another thing to think about — is Robin the bride? Do she and Barney get married?! If we’re meeting the Mother at the wedding, we’ve gotta get to that sooner rather than later, right?

As for the rest of the episode, it makes sense that Marshall and Lily want to move to the suburbs. (Come on, we know how much Marshall loves New Jersey and Costco, of course he’d support the move.) Since “HIMYM” isn’t one to show realistic travel times from one part of New York City to another, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the move and still keep things interesting. Sure, it’ll change the group dynamic, but the baby was going to do that anyway. We’d be okay with a move to Long Island.

What did you think of Robin’s bombshell? Is the baby Barney’s? How do you think this episode will change the game?

Honestly, we’re still processing this bombshell, so please help us work through this with your insightful comments!

Posted by:Jean Bentley