neil patrick harris himym 02 320 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Swiper, No SwipingI’m going to be honest, I was worried about this episode because, while I will blindly love Jorge Garcia for playing Hurley forever, he doesn’t seem like he has the widest range in the world. But, while there were occasional weird comic-timing moments, he seemed to survive well, and the writers saw fit to throw in some Lost references, like having “Wang Guy’s” phone number be 481-516-2342, or having my beloved Hurley talk about having the “Blitz” curse like being on an island, or blatantly having the curse travel between people like good old Smokey… well, a small, white, non-aggressive version of Smokey.

Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving, and Ted wants to leave the bar early to go work on his turkey within a turkey (a “turturkeykey,” copyright pending) for their big meal and misses a wild party night that somehow ends with Zoey in his bathtub, everyone talking about “The Gentleman” (would it be a stretch for that to be a Buffy reference on my Willow’s part?) and Robin wearing KISS makeup. Also, The Blitz (actual name Steve) is there, and he’s excited, because for years he’s been saddled with a curse that allows good things to happen when he leaves. That curse has transferred to Ted.

The curse also means that Robin broke the oven, so they travel to Barney’s (where his stove is made of cardboard), Marshall and Lily’s (where the sewage treatment plant has had an accident), Steve’s (where he keeps cat litter and cats in the oven) and finally end up at Zoey’s. During the course of their running around, the curse gets put on Barney, and you know how pouty Barney is when he isn’t in the know.

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