cobie smulders himym s6 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: That's a Spicy MeatballTed and Zoey are seriously the most annoying couple on the planet, with all the “you hang up” crap that we’ve seen in sitcoms a million times before. Ted says that they challenge each other, even when she possibly causes his career to crumble before his eyes. But hey, so what, she’s pretty. Lily tells Ted: “Your relationship sounds exhausting.” Amen to that, Lilypad. Even when Ted realizes that Zoey’s a domineering, selfish human being, he still makes out with her.

On to a differently functional couple: Marshall and Lily. The two start having some issues after Marshall finally bites the bullet (after a brief bout with graduation goggles, where Sarah McLachlan music plays and everything looks nice and in soft focus) and quits his high-paying job at GNB to take an environmentally friendly volunteer position. His pay cut means no dream trip to Spain, and Lily nearly takes off for Europe without him, but changes her mind, and Marshall realizes that his volunteering is a burden and decides to get a job that will pay him.

And then there’s the relationship between Marshall and Barney. It seems that Barney is feeling upset that his friend Marshall ditched him for a new job, but it is really only because Barney didn’t get a chance to enact some payback for the time when he got a spot of marinara sauce on his tie and Marshall laughed. This leads to a long drawn out gimmick, where a meatball sub explodes all over the place, and naturally Barney gets more sauce on him, causing an eye twitch and perhaps future revenge plots.

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