that Robin has a ton of fans, fans who have written her letter after letter after letter (her old station had just started forwarding them). I know what you're wondering — were the umpteen letters I've written to Robin read aloud on the air? No, I've actually kept those letters in my personal files, there to be reread by myself on those cold, dark, lonely nights.

Okay, let's pretend like I never said that and move on…

Understandably, getting all those fan letters hurt Robin, especially when she was still without a job. It's not like she didn't have interviews, they were just few and far between, and when she did get one tonight, she blew it. She got psyched out by two other female anchors who convinced her that she had to have a great tag line if she wanted to be a big time anchor. Boy did she flub that try-out (see the quote of the week below).

The gang, after a few jokes, commiserated with her and we learned that, as it turns out, Ted used to be an anchor himself, or, at the very least, a DJ (and not a good one). But, that's another story, and far less serious (but perhaps equally sad), as what happened next — Robin getting a letter from the Department of Immigration stating that she had to find a job or would be sent back to Canada. My instant thought there was pretty obvious, and Marshall almost instantly hit on it — Robin ought to marry me, that's the kind of thing that would allow her to stay in the country (there may be a Big Love issue there, but I'd be willing to overlook it). It's true that Marshall didn't specifically mention me, but I'm sure that he had me in mind. Sadly for all concerned, Robin had but seven days before her time in the U.S. would expire and that's apparently not long enough to make a sham marriage work (not that I would have considered it a sham).

What really perplexed Robin was not why she couldn't marry me in time, but why she wasn't getting more bites when she sent our her resume and clip reel. We were only treated to a short little bit of her reel tonight, a clip from the first station she worked at, and it was certainly less than thrilling (as everyone pointed out). However Barney, as he usual does, had a solution. Nay, not a solution — the solution.

Barney has a video resume (handily available for viewing at Barney's Video, and he volunteered to help Robin create one of her own. All she would have to do is wear odd outfits, talk without saying anything, and, as we saw later, possibly break a few bricks with her forehead Karate Kid-style (not that Daniel-san ever broke a brick with his forehead). She could also make up a few words if she wanted, but not possimpable or linkativity, those were already Barney's.

I don't quite understand why, but after a few different takes with Barney, Robin decided the whole video thing wasn't going to work and gave up on it. That left her with only one career possibility — she could try to become a lottery girl.

Oh sure, you might think that makes sense, but if you do you don't live in New York. Everyone in New York knows who the lottery woman is — Yoooolaaannda Vega! As much as I love Robin (and I think that amount should be pretty clear by now), I just don't see Robin replacing Yolanda Vega. No one can replace Yolanda Vega.

So, I'll admit it, I had to root against Robin getting the Lottery Girl job, I know they showed us a different Lottery Girl earlier in the episode, but I just can't have one of the main characters on one of my favorite shows even fictionally take Yolanda Vega's job, I can't. Robin didn't get the job, and, I was happy. She was sad, but I was happy.

Okay, I wasn't so much happy for her (I do have a heart) as I was for what happened next. There was a subplot tonight about everyone in the gang keeping too many old things on their resume. Ted used to be a DJ in college, going by the moniker "Mister X," and Marshall was once a dunk champion (he has since gotten "dancer's hip" and his dunk days have been curtailed. That was an awesome subplot and something that I will again sadly neglect to delve into for reasons of space). And then there was Lily, sweet Lily Aldrin. Lily used to be a hot dog eating champion, first earning the crown in 1995. Oh sure, that's funny, but not as funny as Lily standing up upon finishing her Nathan's dogs and revealing her pregnant belly! That's right, we saw Alyson's bump (officially this time, there have been poorly masked shots earlier this season). Yes, the bump was supposed to be hot dog eating related, but Alyson's baby was actually in there. It was a great way for the producers to make use of Alyson's pregnancy.

But, back to Robin. Despite her balking at Barney's video idea, Barney opted to finish putting together a clip reel for her. I hope that one day we'll see the reel, but for now all we know is that she got two job offers from it and Barney didn't mess one of them up (he did ruin the other). So, Robin's going to be the anchor on a morning show in New York (and happily not stealing Yolanda Vega's job).

Bits and pieces:

  • The quote of the night, Robin's tag during her anchor interview: "From all of us here at News 10 have a good evening. So good night New York, and may the road ahead be lit with dreams and tomorrows… which are lit with dreams also. Stand tall New York, trustworthy, recycling. Wear a condom." You can see why she didn't get that job.

  • Here's what I want to know — Why exactly do you think that Mister X felt meal plans to be racist? I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm just wondering what the logic was.

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