himym robots vs wrestlers 'How I Met Your Mother': Robots vs. WrestlersIt seems like an awfully easy question, doesn’t it — robots or wrestlers? “What could be more simple?” you ask. I answer, and “How I Met Your Mother” did as well, “What could be more difficult?”

We answer that way mainly because we really didn’t get to see very much of the robots going up against the wrestlers tonight (but I was intrigued).

The whole thing started off simply enough — Barney gets five tickets to Robots vs. Wrestlers, a sporting event which pits, you guessed it, robots against wrestlers. Stupid Robin, though, refuses to go. Stupid Robin and her stupid Don boyfriend, they are, in Barney’s estimation, breaking up the gang.

On the one hand, I get where Barney’s coming from with that — these five folks have been buddies for five years, and Robin is now bowing out of activities. On the other hand, I think we can all completely understand where Don is coming from as well — the guy was nervous about having his girlfriend around two of her ex-boyfriends on a regular basis. I think we’d all feel the same way about any boy- or girlfriend, and when the girlfriend in question is Robin … well, I think you can understand even more.

So there’ss already a complication with the Robots vs. Wrestlers plan, and then Ted goes and ruins it even more. You see, there’s this Marissa Heller lady who used to live in Ted and Robin’s apartment (back even before it was Ted and Marshall’s). Marissa had been getting mail at the apartment for years, and now she’s been invited to a swanky party at a building Ted always wanted to go to (yes, a building he had always wanted to go to). The whole thing puts a dent into Robots vs. Wrestlers, but as there is free booze at the party, the gang decides to go for a little while before their trip to Robots vs. Wrestlers.

The night goes along swimmingly (not counting how they got into the party) until Ted realizes that he loves the party and doesn’t want to leave. Now, while it’s true that as soon as they walked in they saw Peter Bogdanovich talking to Arianna Huffington and Will Shortz, Robots vs. Wrestlers was important to Barney. We don’t often get a ton of the softer side of Barney, and even though he was cracking jokes throughout the night, as Lily pointed out, the guy was definitely having abandonment issues. At one point Barney even told Ted that if Ted stayed at the party their friendship would be over. I’m not sure Ted should have left, but Barney did seem to need some comfort.

Was the upset a little over the top on Barney’s part? Of course it was, but I think that the underlying feelings he had were absolutely valid. It’s not that groups of friends don’t sometimes part ways, but I think that this particular group may help keep Barney grounded in the semi-real world. That may be a connection that Barney knows he needs no matter how awesome or legendary he is (plus, he was in over his head with the ladies at the party and probably didn’t want to see Ted score where he couldn’t).

All’s well that ends well however, and Ted leaves the party upon receiving a picture taken by the gang at Robots vs. Wrestlers — a picture of Ted’s doppelganger, Mexican wrestler Ted. He doesn’t leave the party in time to make it to Robots vs. Wrestlers, but he doesn’t finish his incredibly pretentious quote at the party either, nor, we’re told, does Ted ever again miss another Robots vs. Wrestlers. Plus, Robin shows at the bar at the end of the episode too, implying that the gang isn’t going to be breaking up just yet (Don or no Don).

Oh, and another thing … apparently Marshall and Lily are seriously considering this baby thing. They seem to have decided tonight that if they ever see the fifth doppelganger (Barney’s), they’re going to truly work on getting a bun into the oven. How the series will handle that, we’ll just have to see.

Odds and ends:

  • And our line of the night goes to Marshall. “His wife is a 500-year-old relic that hasn’t been struck since W.S. Gilbert hit it at the London premiere of ‘The Mikado’ in 1885.” (But the line was almost Barney’s gong).

  • We barely know how to spell Syrah, but it did sound delicious.

  • Lily should have pretended that Marissa Heller was British, I liked that better than the American accent Marissa actually had.

  • Marshall was definitely not dressed for that party.

  • I think future Ted was lying a little about past Ted’s wine tasting skills.

  • Willem Dafoe… sure, why not.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser