how i met your russia 'How I Met Your Mother': Russian Ted's children are not amusedRussian network CTC is promoting its spin on “How I Met Your Mother,” and if the promo is any indication, Russian Ted’s children will likely murder their father before the series gets past the first season.

Unlike their patient, American counterparts (Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie), these kids look seriously ticked at the prospect of listening to their dad explain his comedic 20s.

And maybe they’re just too mature to spend all this time with their verbose father. Despite looking about 11 years old, they’re seated in front of two cups of coffee and a French press.

Then again, it could just be how horribly cheap the show looks. American Barney would never stand for such ill-fitting suits. Check out the promo, in all of it’s pineapple-covering-a-crotch glory:

Oh, and since we didn’t have time to properly recap the John Lithgow-tastic Mar. 21 episode, “Legendaddy,” please accept this image of Marshall (Jason Segel) holding an opossum instead. (“Rex is violent, and he hates us!”)

how i met your opposum 'How I Met Your Mother': Russian Ted's children are not amusedBest of luck duplicating this kind of finesse, Russia.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell