how i met your mother birth season 7 finale How I Met Your Mother' Season 7 finale: Barney picks a bride and Marshall and Lily have a babyMarshall and Lily finally welcomed little Marvin Waitforit Eriksen in the “How I Met Your Mother” Season 7 finale, but their little bundle of joy (and pre-birth clip show) wasn’t the main event of the hourlong episode. At the end, Barney finally picked a bride. Wanna know who? Read on to find out.

So, you’re absolutely sure you wanna know? Okay, fine. Get ready: Despite an elaborate, very Barney Stinson-like proposal in an airport — which Quinn accepted, by the way — the flash-forward to Barney’s wedding “a little ways down the road” showed that she wasn’t the bride after all. It was…wait for it…ROBIN. Yes, Robin and Ted finally resolved their issues, and Robin and Barney ended up together.

Frankly, we’re psyched. We knew Robin and Ted ultimately weren’t right for one another, but Robin and Barney or another story. Besides, Ted quite literally drove off into the sunset with Victoria, so he’ll be okay (at least for a little bit — that was before the flash forward so who knows how long it lasts).

Let’s not even talk about the first half of the episode, which was frankly quite annoying and felt like they were trying to fill the whole hour before giving us what we really wanted (the birth of baby Eriksen and oh yeah, Barney’s wife reveal). While “HIMYM’s” flashback storytelling scenes are an integral part of the show, they didn’t advance the plot at all. It felt more like a particularly disjointed, pop culture reference-filled episode of “Family Guy” than the CBS sitcom we know and love. We just wanted baby Eriksen, dammit!

So, what do you think of Barney’s choice? And how do you feel about Ted’s situation? Are he and Victoria going to last?

Posted by:Jean Bentley