ashley williams how i met your mother 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8: Ashley Williams returning as VictoriaIt appears that Season 8 of “How I Met Your Mother” will pick up — or at least revisit — where Season 7 left off.

The show has retained Ashley Williams for a multi-episode arc this season, beginning with the Sept. 24 season premiere, TVLine reports. That makes some sense, since Season 7 ended with her character, Victoria, skipping out on her wedding to run away with Ted (Josh Radnor).

The last we saw of them, though, Ted was driving back to the church so Victoria could tell her soon-to-be ex-fiance what’s going on.

Victoria has long been a fan favorite among Ted’s exes — but as the show moves toward its ending (maybe this season, maybe next), she could become just another obstacle on Ted’s way to meeting his future wife.

Williams is the second familiar face to book a return to “HIMYM” this season. Michael Trucco (“Fairly Legal”) will also recur as the object of Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) affections, reprising a role from a couple seasons ago.

Posted by:Rick Porter