himym doppelgangers 'How I Met Your Mother' season finale: Will Marshall and Lily have a child?Two things struck me right off the bat on the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother.” First, a taxi driver doppelganger for Barney is perfect, and second, Lily should have said something better than “Marshall Eriksen, put a baby in my belly.”

No, seriously. Later in the episode Lily told Marshall, “The universe in all its infinite wisdom is telling you to stick me and stick me real good.” That’s not only the quote of the night, it’s also the sort of thing that I wanted Lily to say right upfront. That’s the sort of disgustingly crass and adorably cute thing I expect from her. She really could have and should have come up with something better initially.

As for the taxi driver thing — okay, so that doppelganger was Barney, not an actual doppelganger, but it still would have made complete sense. Marshall and Barney almost got to the joke that would have made it the perfect sort of yin-yang thing in the cab with the map — it would have been something along the lines of Barney sleeping with women from around the world and the doppelganger just getting to have them stink up his backseat (or a funny version of that). There’s also a certain amount of irony (don’t you think?) in Barney’s being this well-groomed, high-rolling kind of guy and his doppelganger being a cabbie. Yes, I know it wasn’t his doppelganger, it just would have worked if he was.

There was other stuff that struck me right after the opening credits — like that Lily is absolutely right that she and Marshall ought not tell anyone that they were having unprotected sex. I would fully expect the rest of the gang to show up in the bedroom if they knew what was going on. After the end of the episode, I’m sure that they will be popping by on a regular basis.

Looked at another way, it would be like Robin moving to Chicago. Didn’t she already try Japan? I’m convinced she did during season four. I’m not sure why exactly no one brought that up, but they didn’t. Maybe subconsciously Robin knew that she’d already left once, and that’s why she turned down her dream job in Chicago. I was actually a little worried about her sights having sunk so low that she’s now hoping to move to a local show in Chicago, but I’m choosing not to dwell on stuff like that tonight — I liked the finale, it was fun if not funny, and I don’t want look too deeply at where some of the issues (like her momentarily wanting to move to Chicago) may lie.

You probably think that it was Don who kept her in New York, and that’s why it hurt Robin so much when Don accepted the job after she turned it down. Robin definitely indicated that was the case, so I’ll accept that, but whatever your opinion, don’t tell me you didn’t see that Don was going to take the job before he told Robin about it. For me, if Don leaves, he leaves. I’m not going to say that I feel one way or the other about his going. I would have had no problem with Don having become an Uncle Don, but I don’t feel a great loss at his not being Uncle Don (of course, he could always come back later).

What did please me about Robin’s storyline in the finale was that she didn’t hook up with Ted again. At this point you’re probably thinking, “How is that possible; doesn’t he have a major crush on Robin and wouldn’t he give just about anything to see her make out with anyone (especially lesbian Robin)?” Yes, that’s all true, but I don’t want to see Ted head down some bad road to nowhere with another woman. I would be perfectly happy if Ted doesn’t date any woman again until he starts going out with the mother. And, I think we all know that those two ought not be in a relationship anyway.

Thus endeth the season — Robin is staying, Ted isn’t going to be blonde anymore, and if Barney stayed unconscious he’s still working on the Baltics. Apparently Lily and Marshall will be trying to have a baby and I think I’m happy for them but we’ll see how it plays out next season.

Until then, here are some Odds and Ends:

  • That was definitely a great “Monty & Moo-Moo.”

  • Ted was not pulling off the blonde thing.

  • I’ve always enjoyed Barney’s blog.

  • We all become our own doppelgangers? Really Ted? Kinda schmaltzy, even for you.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser