himym cast s5 ep1 'How I Met Your Mother' Season Premiere 2009: Defining the relationshipWhen we last left “How I Met Your Mother” in May, Ted was becoming a college professor and Barney and Robin were becoming a couple. Or were they? I was pulling for them, I like the idea of “Aunt Robin” and “Uncle Barney” being married, but my wishes don’t necessarily translate to reality, even the fictional reality of a sitcom (but it would be so cool if they did). And now, on to tonight’s premiere!

How awesome is it that the gang gave Ted a whip and a fedora for becoming a professor? Why Marshall didn’t think that Ted was going to whip him though was unbelievable. You knew Marshall was going to get whipped, I knew Marshall was going to get whipped, the only person who didn’t know that Marshall was going to get whipped was Marshall. What really surprised me though was that Marshall and Lily didn’t borrow it for their own personal, private, activities later.

As for Barney and Robin having “the talk,” I’m of two minds about that. On the one hand, for those two crazy kids to transition to couplehood could seriously mess with them. I know that Robin dated Ted back in the day, but she was always the weaker half of that couple, and Barney… him I’ve never seen as the couple type. On the other hand, if they didn’t have the talk, Lily was going to keep locking them in rooms alone for the rest of their lives (she’s nothing if not persistent). So, I’m saying it was probably a good thing for them to have the talk.

Why though was Lily so determined for them to define the relationship? The only thing I can come up with is that Lily desperately wanted to be able to start double-dating them so that the four could do nice couple-y things together. I can understand her not believing that Ted will ever find someone, but are Barney and Robin really the couple that she wants to hang out with? Barney and Robin aren’t going to want to do all that many couple-y things. If they’re going to be a couple, they’re not going to be that kind of couple (unless Barney was serious about brunch at the end of the episode). Plus, let’s not forget this – there is simply no way that Lily could forget that Robin and I are meant to be together, I’ve made my position on that quite clear in the past.

Seriously though (not that I wasn’t just being serious, because I was), I love that Lily knew that Robin and Barney thought they were lying even though they weren’t really lying. I was going to be so disappointed in her if she let that one go.

I also found myself tonight having some serious questions about Ted and his teaching. First – and most importantly – Ted stated that the future mother was in that first class – did he mean the economics class, the dream class, or the actual class? I tend to think he meant the economics one (there “HIMYM” goes, misleading us all again). Then, Ted doesn’t seem right for a big lecture hall-type class anyway, does he? He needs that one-on-one sort of interaction I think he’s going to get in that small class he actually was supposed to be in from the beginning. And lastly, I don’t know about where you went to college, but where I went to college, there is no way on God’s green earth that Ted would have been allowed to ramble on for five minutes before someone yelled out that Ted was being stupid and the poor would-be professor was laughed out of the room.

Odds and ends:

  • Boy, do I wish that I could have referred to Neil Patrick Harris as “returning to his Emmy-winning role” tonight. Robbed. He was robbed.
  • Our first quote of the night for the season belongs to Robin, “we’ve been over this, unless I say ‘flugelhorn’ you haven’t gone too far.”
  • Gremlins. Awesome. Where do you think the Predator tie thing was headed?
  • How did Ted’s dream about class feature the same hot blonde girl who was in the actual class? I think that’s something they need to seriously explore down the line.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser